Andy’s Man Club

Andy's Man Club
Monday evening 7pm

Coaching is aimed firmly, at moving us forward in life, I can certainly help you there.

However, you may feel, you are not at that point, or don’t need to move forward, you simply need to talk.

We really must talk about the issues we are experiencing, in our lives.

Maybe a conversation, a chat, to like-minded men, that have themselves had many varied issues in their own lives, is all you require. Andy’s Man Club offers you the opportunity to do just that. The club meets every Monday (except bank holidays) at 7pm, growing considerably in the last few years, there are now many venues around the country. This again, offering anyone the flexibility of being welcome at any of the venues, if you worked away for instance.

  • No registration.
  • No signing in.
  • No cost.
  • No commitment.
  • What’s said in the group, stay’s in the group.
  • Non-judgemental.
  • No referral required.
  • You don’t need to have suffered with suicidal thoughts.
  • You don’t have to have a mental health issue.
  • You could just be experiencing a difficult time in your life, and would benefit from support.
  • It’s simply a safe place to talk.
  • If for any reason you feel you don’t want to talk, you won’t be expected to do so, there is no pressure.
  • Open to any man, over the age of eighteen.

The original focus of AMC was to help ONE MAN, that was in need of help. Where that focus hasn’t changed, the numbers have grown considerably since the club started, with over 750 men attending regularly on Monday evenings, throughout the country.

Andy Roberts.

Andy Roberts was a loving and doting father, son, brother and grandson, much loved by his family and friends. He enjoyed football, playing on the weekends with some of these friends. He had run-ins with the law, as a percentage of us do, when we are younger. As he became older, he turned his life around, polite and caring, funny, with his whole life ahead of him. His love for his young daughter, as you might imagine, was boundless. Sadly, and tragically without any warning, he was taken away from the people who loved him, by suicide.

What is staggering, is that 42% of men aged 18-45 have considered suicide as an option. The single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 is suicide. Around 4200 men, (that’s one man every 2 hours), a year are taken away from this world and their families by suicide. Unfortunately, in many cases, we are brought up to be strong, not to show or deal with our emotions. We find it extremely difficult to talk, and if we can talk, we don’t know where to do it. This is where clubs such as AMC, are doing an amazing job, providing a safe environment in which to do so.

The group is not aimed at counselling, or coaching, and there would be nobody present at the group, that would offer professional advice. Everybody in attendance, is a member of the group.

This is a peer-peer support group, knowledge gained by any member or members of the group, can be shared openly with others. We have found this to be a successful way, of helping to deal with issues that might have already been experienced and dealt with previously, by others. Learned coping mechanisms, strategies, anything that might help.

Andy’s Man Club is something I wanted to be involved with, not because I needed to talk myself, fortunately I’d moved past that point. But because I felt I had something to offer, as do many of the guys throughout the club, that have attended and resolved the issues they were experiencing in their own lives. Themselves becoming facilitators, remaining in the club, and helping as many men as possible. I understand from personal experience, how difficult it can be to, open up, it considerably easier to do it, in an environment such as this. If you’d like more information, find us on facebook. Or you could call today :- 07494677126

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