Beliefs and Values.

So, what are they exactly, do you know what yours are? How difficult would you find it to list them? Maybe it's not something you think about, maybe you should, they have an important impact on our lives. Knowing them is a key component to our personal development.


Our beliefs are true, the facts as we see them, without us having any real proof, or foundation that they are factually correct.

Most of our beliefs are formed by our experiences and the conclusions drawn from them. Or by accepting what we are told by others to be true, parents, teachers, society etc. Most of our core beliefs being formed when we are children, staying with us into adulthood.

We are unable to recognise, what is true or what is not, when we are very young. We often accept what we are told by others to be true, we are also greatly influenced by our experiences.



When we possess self-awareness, we become consciously or unconsciously aware of our values

Values are deep seated beliefs; they are extremely important to us. They become fundamental to the way we run our lives and make choices. Values will have an influence on your career, relationships and many other activities you choose to participate in, the decisions applicable to them.

Values are hierarchical, the most important typically at the top, with the lesser ones, below. They determine whether our actions are good or bad, right or wrong and how we feel about them. We typically move toward, or away from our values, what are our attractions in life and what are our repulsions...

Few of us choose our own values, we tend to adopt them from our parents, also adding the dominant values of society to them. The values we internalise, will likely stay with us through to adulthood. Some people will reject the values that they have, which were gained during their upbringing. However, some people won't and will find themselves clinging onto values, which could be leading them along the wrong path in life.


Understanding what your beliefs and values are, and how they affect you daily is extremely important. I've found, knowing more about my own beliefs and values, answered many questions, about myself and the situation I found myself in.

There is a likelihood that if you aren't achieving what you want to achieve, you have a belief, that is standing in the way of you achieving it. Or on a deeper level, a value that is preventing you moving forward. You are likely focusing on the wrong things.


Once we gain an understanding of our beliefs and values, whether they are constructive or destructive. We can set about discarding those beliefs and values, that hold us back, creating new ones, which will aid us in in moving forward. By eliminating the things that blinker us, it allows us a different perspective, as to what we can achieve.



Creating new helpful beliefs, is something that while it isn't going to happen overnight. The very thought, you want to create them and are prepared to work on them, is an amazing start.

By discussing where you want to be in life, having a better understanding of what was holding you back, and what needs to be done for you to move forward.

It won't be too long, before you are replacing all the self-limiting beliefs you have, with constructive new ones. This process being easily replicated and applied to any situation while creating your future.

Contact me, let's have that discussion.

Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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