Managing Anxiety

Strategies and Tips for Managing Anxiety.

Managing Anxiety is possible.  Follow our tips below to start to regain control.

  • Calm your breathing, taking deep slow breaths, quickly count to seven, while inhaling and eleven, when exhaling. The important thing, is that the exhale is longer than the inhale.
  • Chewing gum, can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety quickly.
  • Cut down on your intake of caffeine and alcohol - or be aware of how they affect you personally.
  • Take yourself out of the situation, name your anxiety. Putting it into words, either spoken or written, can help. Describe the way you're feeling when you experience the anxiety in some detail.
  • Be present.  One of the quickest ways of dealing with anything is to be in the moment. Anxiety never comes up with a positive result, to an event that probably won't happen.
  • Work on your fitness and a generally healthy lifestyle. Spend time with friends, participate in activities you enjoy.
  • Walk outdoors,fresh and pleasant surroundings help.  Cycle or run.
  • Explosive, or intense exercise can help. Doing push-ups or star-jumps, to failure, before the potentially stressful experience.
  • Take small steps outside your comfort zone, the problem isn't going anywhere. At some point we need to face our anxiety. With help and guidance this is manageable.
  • Talk to other people that experience anxiety, learn from them, their experiences. How can you help each other?
  • Don't beat yourself up, you are in no way weak, unable to cope, you suffer with a mental health issue - which can be resolved.
  • Understand your anxiety, what triggers it, when is it bad or better?
  • Are there patterns to your issues?  Plan accordingly, proactively deal with your anxiety.
  • What other negative people think, doesn't matter.


Things We Don't Necessarily Associate with Anxiety

managing anxiety
managing anxiety - Why worry

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