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Creativity to change.

Creative visualisation is the process of using your imagination to influence the outcome of what you want in life. We all dream and have ideas, fantasies about what we want to achieve, or where we'd like to travel for instance. All of us possess an imagination, we use this every day, whether we are aware of it or not, when used positively it is extremely powerful.

We have all used this concept in the past, it was more than likely being used by many in an unconscious and negative way. This being down the fact, most of us have negative beliefs, which are deep seated, what you think about, you'll likely receive. Becoming conscious of our thoughts, our beliefs, we can retrain our brains, stopping the negative cycle running from the subconcious mind. Consciously thinking, I want this or that, won't achieve the result you are looking for.

Positive stories.

So, earlier on I mentioned visualising myself being fit and healthy, enjoying the things as I used to. Even with a body which at that time, wasn't really up to the task.

Positive mental images of me looking fit and healthy. Not like a man that had not looked after himself in pretty much any way, for the last twenty or so years. Instead a person that looked and felt like they'd always looked after and nurtured themselves. Someone that was capable of achieving again and participating in activities with his fit and healthy friends.

Importantly, added to the physical side, being mentally capable, in control of myself. Able to participate in and give constructive input into conversations with people. Being able to organise, take on responsibility. To carry out a task, on behalf of others, not just myself.

Utilising these visualisations, nothing stopped me, until I'd achieved what I set out to achieve.

It starts with a thought.

Once again, it is irrelevant what you'd like to become, or achieve. It could be writing a book, becoming an accountant, or a career singing. I have friends that have chosen these options (not singing), it's fantastic witnessing them get closer to their goal, while I believe discovering more about themselves.

Overcoming the obstacles, opening themselves up to a whole new world of experiences. This process never stops, you achieve what it is you'd like, then move on to the next goal. Obviously, this being entirely up to you, what would you like to happen next in your life.

From my own perspective, achieving what I had visualised, led me on to the next idea, thought, helping people, coaching.

Anyone's perspective allows for the visualisation to be on any level, be it emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. A new home, job, a fulfilling relationship. It could be you achieve calmness and confidence, being able to move forward in life, able to deal with any situation that arises.

Realising relationships.

I've also discussed relationships, this of course is extremely important. We are social 'animals' we need to interact with other people. Where I have some amazing friends that I spent considerable time drinking with in the pub, these people were right there beside me, when I needed them.

I also spent time focusing on the old relationships. Where I understood they couldn't and wouldn't be as they were when we were younger. Friends had gotten married, had children, or themselves moved on in life in other ways. I could envisage them being healthy again, not the same, but beneficial to both parties and healthy.

Most importantly, there are the relationships with my family. I saw no way that these couldn't be better than they ever had been, and they were healthy when I was younger.

Modern Digital Storyboard.

Some people find it difficult to imagine what it is they would like to happen in their lives, in a story like way. Where an elevated emotion and intent, focusing on it, are required to achieve the end goal. Stringing it together can be difficult.

This is where Mind Movies come into play, creating a movie which you can carry around with you on your mobile phone, is an efficient way of achieving this. By taking photographs, preferably your personal photographs. Adding affirmations, creating a movie of them with added music, and watching this. Can aid in reprogramming your subconscious mind, the unknown powerhouse of the brain.

We've talked about the program, being run from our subconscious mind, and that by the time we are 35 years of age, we spend 95% of our time running it. This needs to be re-written by the conscious mind, this is an extremely effective tool for that job.

Retrain your brain, access your subconscious mind.

Please watch the demo MindMovie. A movie, specific to each requirement you have should be produced, aiding you in achieving your aspirations.

MindMovie Creation.

To create your own Mind Movie give me a call, we can discuss what you'd like to add to yours.

Also, how you go about doing it, there are a few ways you can acheive this.

Things to bear in mind when you are thinking about the content are: -

  • What do I want to achieve, or accomplish?
  • What will the work I do look like?
  • How would I like to feel?
  • What will my relationships look like?

I've only been using this technology for a relatively short time in reality, there is evidence that proves that it works. This coming from sources of work I follow and have read. Plus, from my own coach, who has experienced favourable results using it.

Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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