Everything is energy.

"Everything in Life is Vibration" Albert Einstein

Where you place you attention, is where you place your energy. Raise your energy and your life can only improve, you will experience more serendipities.

Low Vibes.

When vibrating at a very low level, where we feel negative emotions. We think our lives will be this way forever. Unless we break this cycle, things won't get better. Negativity has a negative effect on our lives. If we keep thinking things will go wrong, and we can't see any positives, they will go wrong and there won't be any positives.

Higher Vibes.

Raising our energy vibration, making positive decisons about where we'd like to be and how we would like to feel. Has a profound effect on our lives, we find a positive choice, leads onto a positive situation, and so forth. We experience more 'coincedences' simply by placing ourselves in a position where we are able to accept them.


Everything vibrates and everything is connected. We communicate using energy, there is positive and negative energy. We feel this when we meet someone, getting a positive or negative vibe from them.

When we meet someone vibrating on the same or a higher level of energy, the energy level is amplified. Our energy working together constuctively, we feel lighter, happier.

Someone vibrating on a lower level to ourselves, means that their energy cancels our energy out, it is destructive. Our mood becomes lower, we feel heavier.

How does it work.

  • Energy from past traumas can be trapped in our bodies.
  • We are affected by and we affect others with our energy.
  • Our own ego has the ability to hide energy in our bodies.
  • We can manipulate the frequency of energy at which we vibrate, this affects our consciousness.
  • Chakras (the energy centres) are real, from experience this must be true.


Looking at the illustrations, it is clear to see the level at which, I myself was vibrating. I've transcended that level, which has produced profound results in my life.

With a clear intention, and a conscious effort, we can change our state of being, body and mind. Begin to vibrate at a higher level, letting go of past trauma, or pain, that is hidden within us.

This allows us to fulfil our potential, begin to achieve, or simply perform at a higher level. Where we enter the flow state, with everything in life, becoming enjoyable and seamless.

A dip in consciousness.

Clearly as we can see on the scale of consciousness, being almost dead, would have put me at the lowest level.

Making the decision to change our lives, raising our energy and level of consciousness. Has clear benefits, life becomes more enjoyable, we attract positive people and situations to it and become the person we want to be.

Along the journey, in my experience, there are points where although we have transcended the very low levels of consciousness, that potentially we have been experiencing for many years. There are times, where these higher levels take a 'hit', where we feel, a fear of judgement, for instance.

This is fine, being aware of how we feel and positively acting on it, raises our level of consciousness. We overcome these feelings, learn from this experience and return to the higher levels of consciousness, we have enjoyed.

This leads us to want more, to be aware of the feelings that lower our level of energy, as, or before they are happening. Allowing us to employ strategies we have developed, to counteract this.

The lowest level.

Above the level of 200 on the scale of consciousness, our brains physiology is different, to what it is, when we are functioning under the level of 200. When performing at these lower levels, we find it difficult to understand simplest things.

Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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