Suffering with Insomnia

Dark thoughts.

I'd find myself running scenarios in my mind, when I desperately needed to sleep. How could I resolve the situation I found myself in? The thought of wanting to kill someone is extremely disturbing, something I sincerely believe I'm not capable of doing.

This is how the early hours of the mornings were spent. These thoughts going on for hours, maybe I could pay someone to 'do a job' for me? Experiencing visions of me snapping, having enough and pulling someone over their desks, punching them repeatedly, just so I could make them act appropriately. These thoughts alone are adding stress, while they are keeping you awake, adding to the negative cycle.

I'd also use alcohol to attempt to quieten my mind, even if I could initially sleep, this didn't work, normally waking up to the carnival of injustice in my head making its performance, about the situation I found myself in.

This seems ridiculous now, at that time though it was real. I'd find myself watching late night television just to keep my mind occupied, focused on any rubbish, so I didn't run the scenarios.

When it was time for work, I needed sleep!

Are you getting quality sleep?

The world health organisation recommends an average of eight hours sleep per night throughout the week. It is difficult if not impossible to catch up on sleep during the weekend, having a lie in. The most important thing is the quality of sleep, your brain and body requires that it cycles through the patterns of light, deep and REM sleep for it to maintain a healthy state.

Are you getting any sleep?

I've discussed this subject with many people, I was surprised at first how many of them, find it difficult to sleep. They offered many reasons for this, pressure of work, money worries, relationships, plus a few more, or a mixture of them all. It seems there is a large percentage of people that find it difficult to attain healthy, restful sleep.

I was amazed when one of these people told me they couldn't sleep; his mind would come alive as soon as his head it hit the pillow. He would be thinking about the following day, his busy schedule and how he was going to get through it on time.

The point here is that this person, is what many people would call successful, the type of person you'd believe was able to cope with such matters. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you are in life, we all suffer from not getting any sleep, when we are unable to quieten our minds.

Alcohol and sleep.

During these discussions, there were a few people who used alcohol to get to sleep. I've already mentioned this is what I would do, and that this isn't an effective way of attaining the quality sleep you require.

This is a practice that can go on for years, the problem with alcohol, it means you won't get much, if any REM sleep. Which is required for your brain and mind to function optimally. You will fall into a deep sedated kind of sleep initially, not natural, probably wake up and won't cycle through the sleeping patterns required.

Sleeping misconceptions.

After researching sleep, without alcohol, we do manage to achieve more than we think. With as much as half of the people suffering with insomnia achieving an adequate amount of sleep, although most of the time it doesn't feel like it. What is happening to out brain, body and mind when we are asleep is the important thing.

Restful sleep.

If you've suffered from insomnia, or a lack of sleep for any length of time, it's difficult to function properly.

If you are awake at night, from anything other than a medical issue. You need to address the issues that are preventing you from sleeping. Dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress, if they are the issues, will allow you to attain regenerative sleep.


One of the finest ways of preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep, is exercise. Making yourself physically tired will aid in your body's need of sleep. After a run, a ride, or a workout, your mind will also be calmer, quieter and ready for restoration.

If you are experiencing thoughts, deemed as important, and you are worrying you will forget them, take a journal and write them down. You can be safe in the knowledge you will not forget them, easing your mind, relax and sleep. You'll probably find the only time you look at the journal, is when you write the next entry.

In the longer term.

Implementing strategies, exercising, changing the way you perceive life (the way you think). Dealing with the issues that are causing you issues in your life. In the longer term will mean, you won't necessarily need to be tired and in need of sleep. You will be able to sleep without any issue, you will have calmed your mind, you'll look forward to going to bed, knowing you'll just be able to sleep.

Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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