Managing Depression.


  • If possible, walk in a green space, go to a park, a canal, or a beach if there is one nearby. Make this a habit, getting into nature, concentrating on the beauty of your surroundings, takes your mind off the issues causing you pain.
  • Contemplate issues you have, attempt to work through them, working out a possible resolution to them.
  • Exercise, where this can be tough to comprehend when you feel the way you do. The release of dopamine, endorphins and other 'pleasure' neurotransmitters by the brain, boosts your mood naturally.
  • Concentrate on what you are doing, using mindfulness, living in the present moment.
  • Stop consuming alcohol, going to the pub or having that drink you need after work.
  • Meditate.
  • Discuss your issues with someone that will listen to you in in non-judgemental manner.

N.B. There are certain situations where a different style of help would be required, your doctor would need to be consulted about the approach being taken to address that issue.

Clinical depression, or bi-polar depression are difficult to deal with, I'm not sure what I had personally, all I do know is it was extremely deep and difficult to treat, from experience this should be treated by a specialist. It wouldn't be professional for me to attempt to deal with the situation, from a coaching perspective.

Once the situation becomes less debilitating, I would be happy to talk.

Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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