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Transformational - Mindest - Health & Lifestyle Coach

From My Death Bed to an Abundant Life - There is nothing on the site - I've not experienced personally.

Body, Brain, Mind, Spirit, Working Together, Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellbeing.

Living Life in Contentment.

Building Healthy Relationships and Successfully Thriving in Life, after Living with Coping Mechanisms, Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia - Becoming The Best Ever Version of Yourself.

Living in contentment involves finding satisfaction and peace in the present moment, appreciating what you have rather than constantly seeking more.

Benefits include reduced stress, improved mental and physical well-being, enhanced overall happiness.

In relationships, contentment fosters better communication and understanding,

Approaching situations with a positive mindset.

In business, content individuals often display increased productivity, creativity, and resilience, contributing to success.

By embracing contentment, you create a foundation for lasting success in various aspects of life, promoting positive interactions, a strong work ethic, and a healthier overall lifestyle.

You too can Live a Life of Abundance - what does this mean to - You?

My story

At 5 years of age

Moving to another town, many miles away from where I'd lived with my by now good friends, and importantly, grandparents close by, in an environment I loved, felt safe in.

Was at first an adventure.

It didn't take long however, for me to feel like I didn't belong with my new friends, who were extremely close, had been in nursery, kindergarten together, and to this day have a strong bond.

Missing my grandparents, my friends, and the place we'd lived in, I'd loved seeing them, and visiting.

During one of my early visits, a girl, who used to live along the street from us, said

What are you doing here, you don't belong here any longer, you live there now.

It hit me like a tonne of bricks, it was extremely upsetting, where did I belong?

It's not with my new friends, in an environment where I don't feel safe.

Now, I don't belong here any longer, I don't feel safe.

At 11 years of age 

We lived in a village, just outside the catchment area, for the school my friends, who I'd now developed a relationship with (still feeling like I did not belong) were going to attend. 

I would be attending a different school in another town, the idea of this mortified me all summer. 

When a small number of us arrived, put in a gymnasium, for our classes to be announced, I was one of the first to be called to stand up in front of a barn full of other children I did not know. 

This was horrendous, not only did I have to make friends all over again, but they were also all watching me. 

At this point, I did what I'd learned to do, I would control my fear, by controlling the situation I found myself in. Threw my bag over my shoulder, pumped up my chest, and confidently walked across the room in front of everyone, inside, I was petrified. 

This way of dealing with my discomfort, became who I was, who I'd project into the world. 

At 14 Years of age

Losing a grandfather not long before my fifteenth birthday.

My grandfather, in my eyes a giant, who'd had a huge influence on my childhood was devastating.

I wasn’t prepared for it and didn’t expect to lose him so young.

He was there as I grew up, I respected, loved and listened to him, where I might not my father.

I'd spend time with him, as often as possible...he had a brain haemorrage at 62

I went to see him at the hospital once, didn't enjoy the experience, so didn't go back.

I'd simply see him after the brain surgery, and we'd carry on as before.

This is an opportunitinty that didn't materialise, I also didn't have the chance to tell him.

How much I loved him, what a massive positive influence he had been in my life.

He was gone forever - and I couldn't be bothered to go see him - this is how I saw it.

Unfortunately, I'd reached a point in my life, where I was almost nothing about how I felt.

The anger, guilt and hate I felt at this time was overwhelming.

My outlook on life changed, I began acting out of character and started doing things that I would never think about doing before.

Not caring what the consequences might be.

By the time I was eighteen I believe I’d stopped growing emotionally, all the past times I enjoyed so much, such as rugby and music were over.

For me now alcohol had become the preferred way of dealing with life. I’d always enjoyed the confidence it gave me and changed the way I felt almost instantly.

Pretty much all my spare time was spent drinking alcohol, it was the only pastime I really wanted.

Relationships were difficult.

It was difficult allowing people to become too close to me.

I’d already decided that I wouldn’t allow anything to affect me like that in life again.

I allowed myself to be vulnerable, only on another couple of occasions, I was however, still guarded, not sharing how I deeply felt, and lost them, this adding to the growing stream of loss in my life.

When I lost my second grandfather I didn’t really grieve, I simply went through the motions of being there for my mother and grandmother. Visiting him before he died and going to his funeral because this is what you do.

This had consequences, realistically romantic relationships were a disaster however long they lasted. Without consciously thinking about it, I couldn’t commit to them. I couldn’t be with the person, yet I didn’t want to be without them. When they did finally disintegrate, the loss of that person and seeing them with someone else, was still however catastrophic.

In my late teens and early twenties family relationships had already started to become strained which led to me moving in with friends on several occasions, just to get away from the conflict. Later, relationships behind the scenes became dysfunctional.


I’d been vomiting blood and bile for many years; Also experiencing unstoppable, flowing nose bleeds and gastric bleeding. A couple of people were aware of this, suggesting that this shouldn’t be happening, I should see a doctor. I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone that might be able to help. The thoughts of what might be causing this to happen were just too much.

I simply carried on, worrying about the situation and hoping it wouldn’t happen again, living a totally unhealthy lifestyle, suffering from sleep deprivation and a lack of nutrition. Food was generally sugary drinks and sweets; I’d not had a healthy appetite for years. This combined with a substantial intake of alcohol, made it difficult to function.

My health was the topic of conversation at the office one morning. I was looking and feeling terrible. Somebody mentioned that the cause of the problem with my blocked or streaming sinuses, was my liver. Due to my level of alcohol consumption.

First visit to the hospital.

I decided to stop drinking alcohol immediately, this is extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be done without consulting your doctor.

Next, I started taking prescribed antibiotics for my sinuses, shortly afterwards I began to hallucinate. I hadn’t been honest with a doctor about the alcohol. Experiencing a psychotic episode, I was rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital, where this continued for several days. After a week on an intravenous drip I was discharged and told my liver was damaged. Never drink alcohol again.

Life became unbearable.

Life became a real torment. I’d began to hate it now, no longer just myself and some other people. I now believed that long-time friends and people in general really, that had more than me, were better than me.

Around this time, I started going to see a counsellor. This didn’t work out, once he’d told me that a person, I worked with had issues of his own. I made another foolish decision. It wasn’t my fault and there was nothing I can do about the situation; it was down to someone else to sort it out.

The laughing and joking just became harder, superficially smiling was tough. The facade was no longer enough, the travelling had stopped, along with my escape. Going to my pub, my comfort zone, had become somewhat of a prison. I don’t think I was fooling anyone any longer, including myself.

Somewhere along the line after a frank discussion with my doctor about relationships in work, I’d been prescribed antidepressants which I was taking whilst consuming alcohol. This really didn’t work out well. My tolerance to alcohol was greatly diminished and I was finding it hard to think.


Emotions and work.

These emotions and the way I’d dealt with them effected my working life tremendously. I was unable to deal with colleague’s in a professional manner, after I believed I’d been lied to and wronged. The cycle of anger, hate, the stress of the situation and alcohol consumption, was now getting worse.

I’d always been competitive, now though my working life had become a battle which I didn’t intend to lose.

Life really was all about drinking, laughing and forgetting, the added distraction of travelling with friends whenever possible was an incredible way of achieving this goal.

A break from alcohol.

I had a few weeks without alcohol, I’d been coping with life for such a long time using it, that I couldn’t comprehend how I was going to live without it in the longer term.

Figuring out, what I’d use as a support mechanism and for the feel-good factor at that time, was beyond me. It was never my intention to stop. I invented a story that I’d be alright if I only drank products containing less volume of alcohol and no spirits.

Walking back into a working environment that I couldn’t deal with and couldn’t wait to escape from, was an issue. Not being prepared to quit, be bullied, and lose face, or my potential future. I decided to carry on in the manner I had done previously.

To be honest, once I’d started consuming alcohol again, the original cycle had restarted, now though, it had become a spiral.

Alone in the world.

I believed now that I was all alone. Nobody cared including myself. Where I never really gave suicide a great deal of thought. At my worst there was only one reoccurring thought that stopped me doing something irreversible. I just didn’t want to be here any longer. I was giving up; the fighting had been going on too long and nothing was getting better. In my mind it was impossible to beat them all.

I’d had enough, it was like living with someone you didn’t really know and didn’t particularly like. I’d lost the person I thought I was long ago, wondered where he had gone, but saw no way of ever seeing him again.

A long time coming.

Eventually the inevitable happened, I collapsed my body had also had enough. I ended up in intensive care for a week, almost dead, and then on a hospital ward for a further six. The psychiatrist after some discussion with my specialist, a close friend, and my father discharged me, on the proviso that I was brought back if my mental health and behavior became any worse. Unable to walk unaided but happy to be alive we left the hospital.

I have alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. I had both oesophageal and stomach varices, plus an acute duodenal ulcer (which have healed without medication) I was told that I would probably have difficulty gaining muscle due to the condition of my liver. Doctors also said, balancing might be difficult, and when I couldn’t remember people’s names or speak properly, that I could have brain damage.

life coaching in Cardiff

Hi, I'm Jason and today I am contented, growing and moving forward in life.

Suffering with every issue discussed on the site, over many years, and managing to get through them. Has given me a passion to help resolve issues that are holding others back in life, helping you evolve the way you think. I now work as a Life Coach, bringing you calmness and confidence, while eliminating destructive emotions and beliefs, setting you free from the confines of the life in which you feel stuck. My mission is to guide others, helping them to find their authentic selves. To witness them become happy, successful people who move on to achieve their full potential.
Life Coaching helps you let go of the past – Live in the present – Create an enjoyable fulfilled future.

Why Consider Life Coaching?

Are you?

Using Activities and Substances to Change the Way You Feel and Deal with Life?

Extremely angry at yourself, other people, and life in general?

Insecurities, preventing you from being the person you can be?

Constant Arguments and failed relationships?

Do you feel undervalued?

Feeling worthless?

Do you lack fulfillment?

Low self-esteem?


Are your beliefs holding you back?

I experienced these issues myself!

I believe my family and I went through this experience, and that I survived, to help people move forward in life, to achieve, and become the person they want to be.

Are you experiencing?

Any of the these issues? Or perhaps you just need advice?


Welcome to our website dedicated to helping individuals find their passion, purpose, and life mastery after struggling with their levels of alcohol consumption/dependency, any other coping mechanisms, chronic stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia - along with the related health issues.

We understand that it can be challenging to navigate through these challenges, and we're here to support you on your journey towards a peaceful and contented life.

Our aim is to provide practical tools, guidance, and resources to help you overcome these obstacles and discover what truly makes you happy and fulfilled.

Whether you're looking to overcome "addiction", or rather, coping mechanisms, eliminate/manage stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Health and fitness, relationships (family, romantic, business, or simply find more joy in life.

We're here to help you every step of the way.

Let's work together to unlock your full potential and create a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Creating healthy Relationships with Yourself, Your Behaviours and Life.

Are your relationships with yourself, activities, substances, others, and life unhealthy?

Have your behaviors, and usage become compulsive, to the point where the short-term escape from the pain they offered, has become the bigger issue, causing more emotional pain?

Have you experienced trauma, maybe multiple traumatic experiences in your life?

Left undealt with, these issues, can and will lead to the destruction of yourself, along with the other relationships in your life, family, romantic, working, and any enjoyment of life itself.

I possess an in-depth understanding of these issues, having allowed them to destroy my life.

While my own perception of myself became unhealthy, as I disintegrated within my personality, my family relationships suffered, along with the romantic relationships, with my working life being intolerable for many years.

Finally, at 40 years of age, I collapsed, after many years of suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, and depression, leading to Passive Suicidal Ideation, and a Near Death Experience.

A week in an ICU, unresponsive for 3-4 days, and a further six lying in a hospital bed unable to walk unaided when discharged, incentified me to change, then rebuild my life.

More than changing your mindset.

Neuroscience - Neurobiology - Neurology - Epigenetics and Creating Sustainable Change

Focusing on your emotions and behaviour, along with your mindset, nutrition, and overall lifestyle. Is from experience, the only way you'll create sustainable change in your life.

Knowledge is academic, it is only through taking action and implementing it, do you see change.

Allow me, to help you resolve the issues you have, as I accompany you, in creating a new life.

Build healthy relationships with yourself, activities, substances, others and life.

Finding Contentment (our natural and unlimited state of being) is amazing. It's an incredible unconditioned platform, from which to build a new life without limitation - it doesn't mean, you're comfortable and intend to stop moving forward.

  • Understand and Learn how to Deal with Stress and Anxiety.
  • Overcome Depression and Insomnia.
  • Create healthier relationships with Activities and Substances ("Addictions").
  • Become the person you have the potential to be, and be more successful in life.
  • Understand and change what's driving your Anger and Insecurity.
  • Build better relationships with your loved ones and colleagues at work.
  • Be a healthier role model to your children, and teach them how to live healthier lives.
  • Address any self-limiting beliefs you might have, that are holding you back.
  • Look at your health holistically, body, brain, mind, and spirit working together.
  • Reach your goals, without destroying yourself and your life in the process.
  • Change your experience of life, from the inside - out, and witness the astonishing results.
  • Ultimately - Perform at your best in life.
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Overly angry, at everything in life?

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Negative life experiences and stress.

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Dreading and living the day ahead before it’s started?

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Can’t be bothered with anything? 

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Can’t get to sleep, no matter what you try?

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Does it feel like someone is attempting to control you?

Are you attempting to control everything?

Is your working life imposible to deal with?

Are you constantly reacting to the same people?

Extremely uneasy outside of your comfort zone, in social or profesional situations?

Is everyone commenting about you!?

Falling apart, when you are tasked with speaking in front of people, you aren't comfortable with?

Do you feel stuck, lacking confidence?

Don't know where to turn or what to do?

I did too!

Ready to Discuss Moving Forward?

Contact Me Today - Begin Creating Your Amazing New Life!

Why me?


Hi, my name is Mark

I met Jason, about a year ago during one of our group meetings.

To give you an insight into my conditions. I suffer from depression, Functional Neurological Disorder, Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder, Fibromyalgia and Hemiplegic Migraines.

Before I met him, I was angry. Life was getting me down due to my illness; my independence had been stripped away from me, I'd lost my driving licence, the use of my legs when walking any distance, my sense of self-worth and my working routine.

I was still employed, but not earning any money, I couldn't provide for my family, which made me feel a complete failure and I sank to an all-time low, a very dark place. 

After the group meeting, we walked together, talked and smiled a bit. This is where I learned what had been happening in his life and what he was doing with it now, which was inspiring.

Since meeting him, he has given me so much help dealing with my conditions, 3 different variants of meditation and relaxation. The private quiet meditation, music and general nature meditation (walking, well in my case being pushed in a wheelchair, smiling and listening to your natural surroundings, breathing and inhaling the natural smells). We talked about being grateful for our surroundings, as hard as that can be. I'm one of the lucky ones, I live near the coast and can appreciate what's around so I can lose myself in good thoughts.

We talk about my conditions and how I’m dealing with them regularly.

Now I have more understanding of my conditions, he has acquired audio and documented information and solutions in coping with my conditions. 

His help has made me appreciate my life more and that in life shit happens, never look back, always look forward.

Every day is a new adventure and that is thanks to him.

Mark is a great guy, there is something I'd like to add to his testimonial...It was a pleasure watching him smile, and laugh a little, the first time we walked, Also witnessing this, every other time we've met, I do however understand from what he tells me, sometimes it tough.

Importantly though...He feels the way he does about life now, because of his efforts, not mine.  Life coaching helps you identify and make the right choices for you.

So again, why me?

There is nothing discussed on the website, that I myself, have not experienced personally. This however, doesn't limit my ability to help with other issues. It is aimed at documenting how I felt and acted in, what is now a previous life. Also, how I feel about the new abundant life, I have constructed.

It is not only my mission to help coach other men, in what should be one of the most enjoyable and productive, periods of their lives. After underperforming myself for so many years, I deeply feel, it is my responsibility.

There are certain decisions and actions discussed on the site, that I felt needed to be made, for me to move forward. They are specific to my journey,

Your decisions and actions would obviously be different, and specific to your journey. As we do this life coaching and life changing work, it will become quite apparent which decisions will work for you.

I would also ask you not to get overly attached to my former issues with alcohol. Alcohol was simply my coping mechanism for 'dealing' with life, that was the symptom. I'm comfortable with that statement, I've changed my life and haven't consumed any alcohol in six years.

I Coach. ​

Because I've been there, and I believe you shouldn't have to be. Also, I live in the real world, understanding how difficult it can be to move forward. Never taking this lightly, or expecting you, to be anything other than, YOU. Having experienced my own transformation, realising sometimes, it isn't as simple as the models of transformation, would suggest. I'm here to assist you in making decisions about your life. To witness you become contented. 

I am an expert in getting it wrong, reversing this, and getting it right.

I Speak.

Once I understand, how I can help you move forward, indefinitely in life. Only when I have something viable to add, to what you are discussing, non judgemental and constructive.

I Listen

Intently to anything you feel comfortable telling me. Because, I am genuinlely interested in YOU, having the best life possible. To be the best version of yourself.

I work with Individuals and Businesses, offering Addiction - Mindset and Life Coaching - Supporting and Inspiring others - Helping them Transform their Lives.

Want to know more about me? Read about me and my story:

My story​

I haven't always been a Life Coach.

Losing a grandfather just before my fifteenth birthday, someone that had been such an influence on my childhood was devastating. I wasn’t prepared for it and didn’t expect to lose him so young. The anger, guilt, hate, and shame I felt at this time were overwhelming. 

My outlook on life changed, I began acting out of character and started doing things that I would never think about doing before. Not caring what the consequences might be.

After this experience, I believe I’d stopped growing emotionally. By the time I was eighteen, all the past times I enjoyed so much, such as rugby and music were over. 

For me now alcohol had become the preferred way of dealing with life. I'd always enjoyed the freedom to express myself it gave me, allowing me to feel the way I wanted to feel, almost instantly.

Pretty much all my spare time was spent drinking alcohol, it was the only pastime I really wanted.

life coach in cardiff

Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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