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Finding Contentment, is a great place to be, it's also an incredible platform to build from. Do you have unhealthy relationships with activities, or substances? Maybe you're simply overindulging, not addicted? Addiction, unhealthy overidulgence and the issues you are experiencing with your mental health, go hand in hand. Transforming your life, changing it from the inside-out. Utilising a non-judgemental coaching relationship, helps you gain insight, and re-evaluate your whole experience of life, without reliving it, achieve your short to long term goals and change your life in a positive way. I know, having experienced this personally, and believing for many years it wasn't possible. I've gone from my deathbed to living an abundant life. Maybe you see yourself as succesfull, maybe you don't? Are you suffering with Chronic Stress - Anxiety - Depression and Insomnia? Underperforming, not reaching your full potential in life? Maybe you're searching for a Deep Inner Confidence? Have the relationships with yourself, your family and loved ones, or the people you work with, begun to disintegrate, or worse, already disintegrated? Does living this way and your experience of life make you angry? Are you drinking alcohol excessively, or simply overindulging in other activities to cope? While you suffer with illness, due to these issues? I've been there and living this way for years almost killed me. Allow me, to aid you, in your own journey of transformational change and achieving your goals.

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Hi, I'm Jason and today I am contented, growing and moving forward in life.

Suffering with many issues over many years and managing to get through them, has given me a passion to help resolve issues that are holding people back in life, helping you evolve the way you think. I now work as a Life Coach, bringing you calmness and confidence, while eliminating destructive emotions and beliefs, setting you free from the confines of the life in which you feel stuck. My mission, is to guide other men, helping them to find their authentic selves. To witness them become happy, successful people who move onto achieve their full potential.
Life Coaching helps you let go of the past – Live in the present – Creating an enjoyable fulfilled future.

Why Consider Life Coaching?

Are you?

Extremely angry at yourself, other people and life in general?

Insecurities, preventing you being the person you can be?

Do you feel undervalued?

Feeling worthless?

Low self-esteem?

Under performing?

Are your beliefs holding you back?

I experienced these issues myself!

I believe my family and I went through this experience, and that I survived, to help people move forward in life, to achieve, and become the person they want to be.

Are you experiencing?

Any of the following? Or perhaps you just need advice?

life coach sober coach


Overly angry, at everything in life?

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Negative life experiences and stress.

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life coaching feeling wilderness


Dreading and living the day ahead before it’s started?

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Can’t be bothered with anything? 

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Can’t get to sleep, no matter what you try?

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Does it feel like someone is attempting to control you?

Are you attempting to control everything?

Is your working life imposible to deal with?

Are you constantly reacting to the same people?

Extremely uneasy outside of your comfort zone, in social or profesional situations?

Is everyone commenting about you!?

Falling apart, when you are tasked with speaking in front of people, you aren't comfortable with?

Do you feel stuck, lacking confidence?

Don't know where to turn or what to do?

I did too!

Why me?


Hi, my name is Mark

I met Jason, about a year ago during one of our group meetings.

To give you an insight into my conditions. I suffer from depression, Functional Neurological Disorder, Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder, Fibromyalgia and Hemiplegic Migraines.


Before I met him, I was angry. Life was getting me down due to my illness; my independence had been stripped away from me, I'd lost my driving licence, the use of my legs when walking any distance, my sense of self-worth and my working routine.

I was still employed, but not earning any money, I couldn't provide for my family, which made me feel a complete failure and I sank to an all-time low, a very dark place. 

After the group meeting, we walked together, talked and smiled a bit. This is where I learned what had been happening in his life and what he was doing with it now, which was inspiring.


Since meeting him, he has given me so much help dealing with my conditions, 3 different variants of meditation and relaxation. The private quiet meditation, music and general nature meditation (walking, well in my case being pushed in a wheelchair, smiling and listening to your natural surroundings, breathing and inhaling the natural smells). We talked about being grateful for our surroundings, as hard as that can be. I'm one of the lucky ones, I live near the coast and can appreciate what's around so I can lose myself in good thoughts.

We talk about my conditions and how I’m dealing with them regularly.


Now I have more understanding of my conditions, he has acquired audio and documented information and solutions in coping with my conditions. 

His help has made me appreciate my life more and that in life shit happens, never look back, always look forward.

Every day is a new adventure and that is thanks to him.

Mark is a great guy, there is something I'd like to add to his testimonial...It was a pleasure watching him smile, and laugh a little, the first time we walked, Also witnessing this, every other time we've met, I do however understand from what he tells me, sometimes it tough.

Importantly though...He feels the way he does about life now, because of his efforts, not mine.  Life coaching helps you identify and make the right choices for you.

So again, why me?

There is nothing discussed on the website, that I myself, have not experienced personally. This however, doesn't limit my ability to help with other issues. It is aimed at documenting how I felt and acted in, what is now a previous life. Also, how I feel about the new abundant life, I have constructed.

It is not only my mission to help coach other men, in what should be one of the most enjoyable and productive, periods of their lives. After underperforming myself for so many years, I deeply feel, it is my responsibility.

There are certain decisions and actions discussed on the site, that I felt needed to be made, for me to move forward. They are specific to my journey,

Your decisions and actions would obviously be different, and specific to your journey. As we do this life coaching and life changing work, it will become quite apparent which decisions will work for you.

I would also ask you not to get overly attached to my former issues with alcohol. Alcohol was simply my coping mechanism for 'dealing' with life, that was the symptom. I'm comfortable with that statement, I've changed my life and haven't consumed any alcohol in six years.

I Coach. ​

Because I've been there, and I believe you shouldn't have to be. Also, I live in the real world, understanding how difficult it can be to move forward. Never taking this lightly, or expecting you, to be anything other than, YOU. Having experienced my own transformation, realising sometimes, it isn't as simple as the models of transformation, would suggest. I'm here to assist you in making decisions about your life. To witness you become contented. 

I am an expert in getting it wrong, reversing this, and getting it right.

I Speak.

Once I understand, how I can help you move forward, indefinitely in life. Only when I have something viable to add, to what you are discussing, non judgemental and constructive.

I Listen

Intently to anything you feel comfortable telling me. Because, I am genuinlely interested in YOU, having the best life possible. To be the best version of yourself.

I work with individuals and businesses across South Wales, offering Life Coaching in Bridgend, Porthcawl, Cardiff and Swansea, supporting and inspiring others.

Want to know more about me? Read about me and my story:

My story​

I haven't always been a Life Coach.

Losing a grandfather just before my fifteenth birthday, someone that had been such an influence on my childhood was devastating. I wasn’t prepared for it and didn’t expect to lose him so young. The anger, guilt and hate I felt at this time was overwhelming. 

My outlook on life changed, I began acting out of character and started doing things that I would never think about doing before. Not caring what the consequences might be.

After this experience, I believe I’d stopped growing emotionally. By the time I was eighteen, all the past times I enjoyed so much, such as rugby and music were over. 

For me now alcohol had become the preferred way of dealing with life. I'd always enjoyed the freedom to express myself it gave me, allowing me to feel the way I wanted to feel, almost instantly.

Pretty much all my spare time was spent drinking alcohol, it was the only pastime I really wanted.

life coach in cardiff

Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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