Inner Speech

Inner Voice.

We have all experienced the voices, the characters in our heads. They might hold a conversation you will have with your boss, later in the day, as you anticipate that conversation. Or, they are constantly chirping on about something. Normally with nothing good to say, they keep us awake at night and run through what we should or shouldn't do. An internal monologue, which is also known as internal dialogue, thought-chatter, or voice dialogue.

There are many different characters or voices, all interacting with each other. These voices when negative, added to other unhelpful voices from any external source, can only have a negative influence on your life, if you listen to them. The dominant voices seem to be the judge and the victim.


The judge will be just that, judgemental and critical. You're useless, worthless. You aren't as good as them, there is no way, you aren't good enough. Always putting us down, never telling us anything constructive. While being busy, building other people up, comparing us to them, with us coming in a poor second, to their clear superiority.


The victim then backs up the judge in their way of thinking, you are quite correct. There is no way I could do that, I'm not as good as them, I am useless, no good to anyone.


When we have an agreement between the judge and the victim, it instigates the process of  negative feelings and emotions within us. This then, as an internal processes, is self perpetuating. It will get worse, if we don't stop it.


What about sacking the narrators (the characters) or at least proving them wrong. The realisation that they are stopping you moving forward and becoming the person you want to be, is an extremely liberating one.


What if you could change the way the voices talk to you, becoming more supportive, engouraging. This is possible, let me show you how you can achieve this.


In Reality.

We have to understand that the voices or characters aren't real, we hear them in our head, but they are not who we are. We are the ones that observe it, or them.

Call me, let's discuss this, and make your inner voice more helpful and less demoralising.

Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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