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Who do you want to be...

That photograph was taken on Mount Ventoux, at the memorial where British cyclist Tom Simpson died. It was taken a year after I began cycling. Roughly two and a half years after, my near-death experience, and leaving the hospital. That's who I wanted to be at that time.

Who do you want to be?

You can be whoever you want to be, allow me to help you on your journey, and become that person. Sometimes it can be as simple as talking, bouncing ideas off someone, that will only support you, not judge you.
Most importantly if not me, talk to somebody that can help you move forward in life. I have already mentioned, it is of paramount importance, you build a relationship with someone you trust, if you are going to obtain the best results. Theory isn't enough in my experience, you must make that connection. I believe, not everyone will be compatible working together as a partnership. I can also help you find that person, if we find this to be the case.


My purpose isn't to talk about any issue that may be troubling you, again and again, once we've established what that issue is, or issues are. It is my job to help you deal with the issues and move forward, so they are no longer part of life daily.

Dealing with issues from past experiences in life, is clearly a subject I have a considerable amount of knowledge on. Understanding that they were holding me back in life and addressing them, but crucially not reliving them, allowed me to move forward myself in life.


Firstly we need to have a friendly discussion, establishing where you think you are right now? We can then explore where you think you would like to be, and how are we going to get you there?


During these discussions we can find out where you've been in life, what qualities do you have, that you have forgotten about? What is holding you back, your beliefs? This is something we can address, make new healthy beliefs, ones that will carry you forward, not hold you back.

What situations are causing you anxiety, depression or stress? How you can work through them and extinguish them from your daily life.

Discussing your current habits, what is your current lifestyle? How we can modify them? Plan ways of making them more constructive, and helpful to you.

Your journey is obviously unique, certainly different to my journey. However, the lessons learned so far, on my journey, are applicable to anyone's journey. I personally explored many different avenues, activities and experienced many different thoughts on where I would eventually like to be. Before I made any definite choices and started to focus on them.


While deciding to change my life, I didn't look for a method. I started with what I thought were the necessities and what I thought would be a logical way for me to achieve sustainability. Understanding that if I wasn't comfortable with my choices, they would need changing in order to achieve it.


Being interested in processes, I was intrigued to know what had happened during my own process of change. How it had made such a colossal difference to my life, the neuro science behind the change.

Everything discussed on this website is something I have personally experienced, researched and invested in.

Since doing this research, I have discovered that many of the processes that are used in methodologies, for creating transformation, such as ACT, CBT and NLP, I'd inadvertently used myself during my own transformation. I've also become aware of the latest research in neuroscience, our perceptions, and their effect on us.

One thing I understood while I was going through the process of change, dependant on the issue, not remaining rigid would be beneficial, there would sometimes be more applicable ways of attaining it, applying different methods as varying circumstances arose.

I can help along every stage of change in your life. Discussing any issues, you might be facing, helping you plan a sustainable method to resolve them, while supporting you through the process, give me a call today 07494677126



It is important to emphasise, it doesn't matter where you are currently, sometimes we just need change in our lives.

This model illustrates the process of change, we can apply various methods to achieve it. We can see, it allows for what is termed as relapse, to my mind, this is drawing a line in the sand. There is no failure, you just start again and move forward, remembering you have already come this far. Once you've started on this path, you will never go back.

Co-active partnership.

Unfortunately, your GP doesn't have the time that they once did, to discuss your mental health issues, or how they can help you move forward in life. They can offer you tablets to help with the situation, or they can refer you to a specialist, if they felt that course of action was prudent.


Working together we can develop your self-awareness, finding and being comfortable with your authentic self. Dealing with people, becoming manageable, getting the best out of them and yourself. Build your confidence, your self-esteem, learn to have compassion for and love yourself, be comfortable in your own skin.


Sustainability is key, working as a team, we can make small changes, which over time become transformational. We will get you to a place where you have the necessary tools, allowing you to deal with life and its unforeseen eventualities.

You will have a life where you don't require an accountability coach, you will possess self-accountability.



To change you require motivation and confidence, without these components you won't move forward. Allow me to help with these, if needed, I can add accountability and or support, the aim being to build your self-determination and self-actualisation.
If these aren't an issue and you aren't achieving what you would like to achieve, we can investigate why this isn't happening and gain insight into what should be changed.

The best you.

By building self-awareness, understanding yourself, your personality. It gives you the basis you require to be comfortable in social situations, working situations and any other life situation that arises. Being aware of who you are, exploring your insights, changing your beliefs, raising your energy and creating new habits. Combined with heightening your awareness, learning, making your thoughts equal to your actions, you can become the best version of yourself.

Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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