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Which Job?

Career Advice begins with asking why you chose your current role.

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do, what enticed you to do it in the first place? Do you enjoy work, or not? It's estimated that 85% of people worldwide, hate their job or profession, that was the result of a Gallup poll taken in 2017, a subsequent poll suggests people are however becoming more engaged. Are you living to work, or working to live? 

It can become easy to remain in the same occupation, for the duration of your working life. This can occur, even when you aren't finding it a fulfilling experience. The reasons for doing this vary and are personal, they normally involve convenience, how much you're earning, a lack of the confidence required, to move on, or maybe you are unsure of what you want out of your job.  Career advice can be the starting point to creating a career that you love.


Career advice and counselling often uncovers that an individual has not been happy in their role for some time. They seem to hang on in there, hoping everything will change, become enjoyable and rewarding. The problem is, this normally doesn't seem to be how it turns out, it just gets worse.

We become comfortable, with both our life in general, and our working life, this isn't stimulating for our mind. We tend go through the motions, not having to engage our brain too much, the thought of changing that, is off putting.

Earlier, I discussed personalities and work, this can be extremely challenging, regardless of the size of the environment. The issue here is, the 'personalities' are likely, not going anywhere, until they are ready to jump ship, moved, or are dismissed.

career advice

Career Advice - Make the Right Decision for You.

The trend seems to be, we work longer hours, for the same, which in real terms is less money. With more pressure, and more constrictive working practices, adding less enjoyment. Are you experiencing a similar scenario, in your own working life, which you are finding it difficult to deal with?

I will probably be able to help you.

  • A different career, what action should I take?
  • A move, within the existing organisation.
  • Remaining in the current sector, changing organisations.
  • Retrain, for a move into something new.
  • Your own business.
  • Taking a sabbatical.
  • Charitable work.

You could choose to rethink, the way you think, about the existing situation. Learning how to deal with your triggers. Asking yourself, what is causing the emotional reaction you are experiencing? What is it about the personalities, or the environment itself, you don't like? Creating a new method of working, where you feel that you are, comfortable and productive.

Before you can move forward, you must take some positive action. The possible issues here being, you are finding it difficult to make the decision, allowing you to do this, also, you've no idea where to start.

A new start.

I'd completely changed my experience of life, I didn't need career advice. I chose not to work in the old environment, with the same personalities, where my growth would be limited by politics. Plus with recent developments, I'd have had to retrain, and probably be doing a job I didn't enjoy.

As I've stated, even being "armed" with a new understanding, or perspective of the situation, accompanied by a new level of self-awareness and understanding of what stress truly is.

For me, it wasn't worth my health, plus, I'd already made my decision.

The business as a whole, no longer resonated with me as a person. I'd become more self-aware, understood myself better than I ever had, and it was time for a more harmonious experience of life.

Where there was no longer in fighting, instead, a connection with others and continued growth.

This was a perfect opportunity to make a new start, in a new career offering new challenges.

It would mean I'd have to retrain and learn about the chosen career; this was made easier because of my personal experiences, the passion I have for it, and my enjoyment of learning again.

If this is the option you think you will take, I can help you make the choice, discussing options, and planning how you are going to achieve the move.


In reflection, after the change.

When the Right Career Advice is to Remain in Your Job.

Sometimes the career is right but remaining with our current employer, will require some changes to be made, or it won't work out. We need to be aware of what's happening within the environment, develop skills allowing us to deal with any personality or situational issues.

We need to have the confidence to approach the correct person, our boss for instance, presenting a valid and professional argument as to why we should be invested in, enabling us to move on within the organisation.

Same sector.

It's very easy for us to fall into the trap, it's the environment, or situation, we don't look at ourselves. I've witnessed people ready to jump ship, because things, once again, weren't working out in their current employment.

We must look at what the constant is, then we need to investigate what is actually happening, and why?

Give me a call, if this has happened, let's find out what's going on.


Dealing with issues that might be causing you to be unhappy or disillusioned with your current employment. Would give you another perspective on the situation, allowing you to move forward. By formulating strategies, to cope with the stresses for example, associated with your current line of work, you can become re-energised. Love the job you love doing again.


I found the whole process seemed much less daunting, than it would have been previously. Talking about doing this for such a long period of time, before things went too far. But, lacking the confidence and motivation to change anything, let alone my job.

My newfound calmness, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem and health, has made it possible to make the decision, allowing me to act, and start producing results.

This approach can only work for you. By better understanding yourself, you will have a realistic idea of, why you feel the way you do. What you can achieve, discarding beliefs about yourself, which have held you back.

You will gain the ability to deal with other people's personalities and emotions, as you will, your own. You will be in a position, where you can make some real decisions about your future. You'll enjoy what you are doing in your working life, you'll be happier.

Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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