Dealing with the past.

I’ve discussed my own past experiences in some detail, I’ve mentioned moving forward, forgetting it, and learning from it. This is the only real experience I have, referencing it, gives it my real-life feelings, this I cannot not achieve, referencing the many books I have read on the subjects.

The question is, do we really need to find out, what it is that happened in our past, which is preventing us from making the decision to progress in our lives?

The answer to this question is, no, we don’t. Thinking in, added to, not letting go of the past, and our negative experiences, will only be detrimental to our future. Focusing on the known past and not changing this focus, leads to a predictable future, we must move forward. Creating our future, with a different set of thoughts and actions, in the present moment. If we believe our thoughts influence our lives, then we must change the way we think.

Although I’d planned to move forward, I realistically, had many issues from my immediate past that I felt needed to be dealt with. I was fully aware, that I wanted, needed, a better and more enjoyable life, one where I no longer simply existed. I also believe, it was fortunate I was unable to walk properly, this gave me a fantastic starting point, from which to progress.

Using the word ‘but’ is something I’m not fond of these days, but I still had to resolve the issues I’d been having at work. However, what I’d successfully achieved with the methods I’d used, while addressing these issues, contemplating and drawing conclusions. Was, to move forward, which as I’ve said, was always my aim. Answers to questions seemed to arrive, without spending too much time looking for them, importantly, I was witnessing a progression, in all aspects of life.

Work aside, I’d had issues accepting my body, how it looked and performed, for many years. As I felt more comfortable and confident within myself, ‘then taking the plunge’, wearing lycra was a huge progression for me, you can’t hide anything in that stuff. I’d began feeling more at ease in general, which allowed for gentle investigation, why might I feel the way I do around people, in social situations and groups outside of my comfort zone.

Prior to feeling this way, the reasons had been locked away, thoughts and memories dismissed. Looking at those memories from a different perspective, understanding them. Adding insight and knowledge gained from life, gave them a different meaning, where they were no longer going to affect me in life.

Calming our mind, again using whatever means is preferable. Exercise and meditation, being amongst the tools I’ve used personally, and becoming conscious of our thoughts. Also, utilising other methods which allow for dealing with past experiences, in a controlled fashion, I am also familiar with these methods and have exercised them myself. We can address the issues that are holding us back, re-write beliefs, make progress.

While I was practicing personal growth, along with researching the models of it, I became aware of the fact, for some of us to maintain momentum, we would need to address issues in our past, from which we find it difficult to move on. Not addressing them, might stall the process of growth. We are all unique, as I have mentioned previously.

By addressing these issues, not suppressing the thoughts and memories, believing that this is what could be the root of the problem. Importantly never reliving the experiences but dealing with the emotion attached to them. It has been, dare I say, another liberation, allowing me to feel comfortable around people in any situation, or circumstances.

Where I don’t feel everyone is commenting or has an opinion about me. To be honest, if they have, let them, their opinion of me, is none of my business. I always like to add, in a healthy kind of way. If my behaviour was affecting other people, I’d like to know about it, although it would surprise me.

If we look at our lives as they are now, they are an expression of our subconscious mind, the programming that takes place primarily in our early development, and beyond due to experience. When we think using our conscious mind, the subconscious, which is continually working in the background, takes over and begins to run the learned programs.

What we need to do, and this is what I’ve been doing, is re-write the programs. Allowing us to seamlessly integrate and carry out tasks that we might have found difficult to undertake previously. By looking at what we find difficult, what doesn’t come easy to us, we have the base point from which to move on. We can synchronise our conscious and subconscious minds.

The conscious mind is creative, it can dream up what we want out of life, re-program the subconscious mind, which a habit mind, and we can achieve what we want.

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