The Law of Attraction

To begin with we are programmed genetically. Obviously, our parents are directly involved with this, as are our grandparents and great grandparents, in turn. Exactly how far back this process stretches, we are unsure of.

We’ve also discussed the way our subconscious mind is programmed, beginning in the third trimester of pregnancy and continuing enviromentally through our childhood. This period being particulary important, because our brains are like sponges, soaking up knowledge.

We learn, with little or no way, of not accepting what we are told, or experience to be true. All the information gathered, creates a paradigm. This is a multitude of habits, a program, in our subconscious mind, which controls our behaviour, we become a product of our environment.

Changing our thoughts, on a conscious level, means we will have a different ideas. By impressing these ideas, or visions, on our subconscious mind, we can change the paradigm. The issue here being, we must step out outside of the box, which is uncomfortable and unfamiliar to us.

For us to attract a different result, we must change our energy and our vibration. Our vibration must be elevated (we think in frequencies), to match the higher frequency of the goal we want to achieve. The paradigm controls the vibration, the vibration in turn controls our actions, which then produces results.

We think negatively, focusing on the past, how things went wrong previously. Projecting these thoughts into our future, from the present moment. It didn’t work last time; it can’t work this time. These thoughts creating our negative future. We focus on what we don’t want to happen in our lives, not, what we do want to happen.

A change in focus and self-perception.

Let’s take leaving a business and building a new career, as an example (this is the most realistic scenario I have). After some thought, I decided to leave the existing business, that I’d been fighting over for twenty plus years. Discarding any financial gain, I would have had. I didn’t do this believing I’d fail in the future and that I was incapable of doing what I’d perceived I’d do. While still believing I had nothing to offer. In fact, quite the opposite, I now believe I’m more successful and have more to offer, than I have been, or I’ve had, in years.

The law of attraction assumes time is linear, our past future and present, are all equal realities. If we want to be ‘that’ person in the future, and we accept that time is linear, then we also understand that we are that person right now.

We must stop thinking negatively, instead thinking how things will work out well for us, positively. Aiming at a successful outcome to whatever it is you desire. Accepting, that this could take time, there could be difficulties to overcome in attaining your desire, and there will be uncertainty, as to whether, what you want will ever materialise.

What we exude, we get back. We must be the person we want to be, believing in it, acting like it’s happened. If we put out positive vibes ourselves, we will recieve positive vibes and visa versa. The more positve we are, the more positive we feel, this process becomes a habit.

Stress – Resentment – Grudges – Self-Loathing – Gossip

You attract what you emit.

Gratitude – Self-Love – Spread-Love – Welcome Abundance

Gratitude must be real, for this process to work, you cannot fake it. When we are genuinely grateful for something, the feeling, flows through us on a deeper level, it is with us every day. In order to achieve this, it takes discipline, we need to become aware of ourselves, who we are. When we have done this work and are thankful for what we have. Which takes practice, this becomes our state of being.

Since I began changing my perception of life and my attitude to everything in it, raising my own energy and the frequency on which I am vibrating. I have experienced many coincidences and opportunities that seemingly came from nowhere. I spent very little if no time cultivating them, they just appeared. From experience, this shift in the way we think, stepping outside the box and changing the paradigm, can only been beneficial to our lives in general.

Let’s discuss what might be stopping you getting what you want in life, we can all have it all, we’ve just got to know how to get it. Give me a call or email me today :- 07494677126,

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