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Initial consultation (free)

Many men, like you, know that something needs to change in their lives and are apprehensive about how much it will cost. This is natural, maybe you feel a life coach isn't for you, or you'll get nothing out of the experience of working alongside someone else, to move you forward in life. The very thought of change itself, can be daunting.

I would like to reassure you, after experiencing the process of transformational change in my own life and it's benefits, my goal is not to simply make money, it is to help as many people as possible create the lives they desire.

It's extremely important, we feel comfortable working together. We won't produce the desired result if you don't feel relaxed and believe you will obtain the outcome you desire. The conversation would normally be held over the telephone, video calls are obviously an option.

We could also hold a meeting at my office, the purpose of the discussion being to ascertain your requirements.

One brief discussion could be enough, sometimes that is all that's needed to find you path in life. You could however decide, that it would be beneficial for us to collaborate and co-create your new life.


We live in a busy world, children, work, along with a whole host of other activities and tasks we must get done. When I myself went to counselling there was the added issue, I couldn't possibly let anyone see me talking about my mental health, or that I might need some assistance with my life. Ending up driving around sixty miles, to simply talk.

My attitude to mental health and asking people for help in life, has changed dramatically. I'm quite comfortable discussing the situation I was in openly. More than that though, I understand how, by asking people for help, it has made my recovery less difficult. Allowing, family and friends, plus my own coach to support me in this journey, has made for a favourable result.

I understand though, when people are suffering themselves, or feel stuck. Maybe needing a little help, this isn't the case for everyone, this will change I assure you.

What are we going to achieve.

Reading through the website, you'll probably have a fair idea of where I myself was, and where I currently am in my own life. Personally, I cannot remember being this calm and confident, allowing me to be comfortable being the person I truly feel I am. The peace I now possess in my mind is incredible, I don't recall life ever being this good, over an extended period.

I believe, I have a responsibility to help people achieve these things, and much more, if that is what they desire. The beauty of this work, once we start along the path, it's amazing what we can achieve.

Anxiety, depression and stress, from my experience was exagerated by a lack of knowledge, in how to deal with every aspect of myself, or other people, in a positive way. Not knowing myself, at that deep level, being unaware of what I could achieve without forcing it to happen.

How I'd fallen into the trap, that society has set for us, when we are unaware, living unconsciously. I'd learned how to run away from life, to distract and numb myself, never dealing with issues in a constructive manner.

The realisation of these facts, basically meant, that I could unlearn the way I was living, Construct a new way of living, whch fits the person I want to be. This is applicable to anyone, the degree to which that person wants to change, is entirely up to them. As I've said, we are all individuals, unique.


Reprograming your conscious mind.

Dealing with our thoughts, our relationship with them, the significance of identifying with them and the perpetual cycle of feeling and thinking.

Our perception of our environment, the way we deal with it and the effect on our health, wellbeing and overall success in enjoying our lives.

We will discuss moving on from past experiences, letting go of the past, and do it. Changing our awareness, creating solutions, becoming aware of how we talk to ourselves.

Reprograming your sub-conscious mind.

Using our conscious mind, we can re-program our subconscious mind. We can want things to be different in our lives, to have success in one or more aspects of it, if the subconscious is unaware of what we want to be different. Or we have self-limiting beliefs about ourselves, nothing will change in our lives.

Our beliefs dictate what actions we will take in order to achieve what it is we want. Discovering what these beliefs are, and changing them, will lead to a successful outcome.

Once we accertain the story we have been telling ourselves, about ourselves and life. We can change it, together we can re-write that story, enabling you to understand, it's probably not true anyway.

Raising your vibration.

Raising our level of consciousness (see illustration, it's all about energy) to a level above 500. Is when things really begin to happen in our lives, in a positive way, life gets easier and becomes more enjoyable.

When we are stuck, and we aren't manifesting the things we want in life. It can feel like this is unattainable, I can tell you, it most definitely is! Discussing issues, that may need to be resolved, is the most efficient way of resolving them.

Having a sounding board, someone that won't judge, only help. With experience of changing their own mindset and becoming successful in the areas of life which have been focused on. Means that you will achieve results, rapidly, but which are sustainable.

Emotinal intelligence.

It has been said that EQ is more important that IQ. Building a better level of emotional intelligence, allows us to be prepared for all eventualities in our lives. By finding out who we are, on a level that we've not previously known, gives us a much better insight into ourselves and other people.

Fitness and Relaxation.

How are you going to get fit, or maintain your level of fitness, with such a busy life? Our environment isn't just our thoughts and the area in which we live. We also need to be aware of the fuel we put in our body, because that's what it should be, not just food.

Processed foods and refined sugars, the impact on our body they have and the way we function.

There are many ways for us to maintain cardiovascular and muscular fitness, these aiding in overall mental health also. As discussed under body & mind.

My offer to you.

I have put much thought into this, I would like to provide a high quality, consistent service to my coachees. Where they receive personalised therapy, personal growth, along with mentoring, allowing them to move forward in life. This being provided at a 'reasonable' price to both you and myself, with the number of sessions being kept to a minimum.
Utilising...One to One therapy, in whatever way was deemed preferable and building a relationship, is an effective way of resolving emotional issues you may be experiencing. Along with the other services offered, this adding to your quality of life.
I would be available to answer emails, texts, and messages in general. I would also make telephone calls and discuss issues, outside of sessions, where it was needed and convenient to do so.


The positives technology offers us, when used correctly, are fantastic. Utilising products like google duo, skype, or zoom, we can converse with you in the comfort of your own home.

I understand that where change is an important decision, enabling you to achieve what you want. Have a positive impact on your overall health, happines and future well-being, you feel like you just don't have the time.

Maybe this is something you are attempting to address, you shouldn't waste the extra time travelling to a meeting, when there is no need to do so.

Video calling.

Using a telephone, tablet, or laptop, video calling is so easy these days. The ability to see each other while holding an important conversation, on the move, at home, or at work is an incredible way to communicate.

I have worked with one of my own coaches, using this method. It is convenient and less time consuming, than traditional methods, while being just as effective.



A conversation on the telephone can work wonders, discussing something bringing quick resolutions to immediate issues that are causing probelms.


Communication by text messaging, whatsapp, or email is an easy way of maintaining our relationship. Also adding another way to document, or record our corrospondence.


With our current situation, this option might not be applicable right now. This however, could change in the future, or if you are comfortable with this method.

A great way to coach and discuss, is walking outdoors in nature. This is less intimidating for some people and less formal. Sitting down over a coffee and discussing issues that are troubling you, that allow for that moment of silence where you don't feel awkward in any way. There is the option of visiting my office, if that was your preferred method, I don't have a specific preference. We could mix them up, this would offer flexibility, it's up to you. Let me know what you would prefer to do moving forward.


I also have friends that are in the business of adventures, a great way of getting over your growth edges, out of your comfort zone. Climbing, coasteering, gorge walking, rapids and rivers.

I'll come cycling with you, there you can challenge yourself and talk while you're doing it. There's even the option of an extended period of coaching, cycling over a weekend in Majorca for instance. This is inexpensive, get's you away from your connection to 'YOU', the people and places you associate with who you are and there is potential to make real progress.

If there was anything else, more specific to your needs, a fear of driving as example, call me.

Free your mind - Create your life - After addiction (Course).

The duration of the course we offer, is held over either 3 or 6 months.

This allows us the time, to explore where you believe you are in life, and how you believe you arrived here. We won't necessarily be deep diving into your past at this point, simply where you believe you are right now, what we are looking to do, is build on this. If you would like to hear more about my story, or ask questions, we could do that now, also.

We would then investigate where you think you would like to be in life and begin to discuss how we are going to get you there.

The course is based upon, a holistic approach to life and our own wellbeing, along with the neuroscience behind change, the mind, and its effect on our body. Also, spirituality, our innate ability to heal and trust our internal guidance system.

It is imperative we have a balanced approach to our health, both mental and physical, this leads to us living a balanced, enjoyable, productive, and fulfilling life.

All aspects of our behaviour, plus emotional and physical wellbeing would be discussed. Anything discussed on this website, would also be covered if required, if you don't see the particular issue, please ask.

The outcome of the course and our collaboration would be a transformational experience. A deeper understanding of the process of life, its workings, and its effects on the human experience, creating a change, which would be sustainable.

Obviously, we would discuss and communicate the progress we are making together, as we work through the course. A priority is, we feel we are both moving in the right direction and getting results.


Duration of course - 3 months - 12 sessions.

Course breakdown :- First and second session in close proximity

Sessions length, 1 hour.                                                                                                            £3000


Duration of course - 6 months - 24 sessions.

Course breakdown :- First and second session in close proximity

Sessions length, 1 hour.                                                                                                           £5000

Intensive daily rate, plus expenses.




Session frequency would initially be weekly, this could be extended. Flexibility is important, where within reason, commitments to work, or other unforeseen circumstances could be accommodated. The ability to alter arrangements, if required and agreed upon, will lead to us obtaining the most beneficial results.


Payment would be made, during the process of agreement in us working together, and the contract between ourselves, being signed.



Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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