" Limitless "

Elevating Your Health - Wellbeing and Success in Life from Within.

30 Day Challenge that'll Change Your Life.

How do you feel about yourself right now?

Do you miss who you used to be?

What would you be prepared to do if you could be more like that again?

Have you ever been comfortable being you, would you like to be?

What about your relationships, business, family, romantic, working, more importantly, with yourself, healthy, unhealthy, driving you mad?

Have you let yourself go?

Are you carrying a few extra pounds you aren't happy about?

Have you lost the muscle you used to have, are you out of shape?

Do you feel like you could go out and do things, you used to enjoy doing, or are you disinterested, too stressed, unfit, and tired? 

Have you finally had enough of the constant stress?

Is your near-constant stress and anxiety, keeping you awake at night?

Does your mind go into overdrive, the moment your head hits the pillow?

What is it work, relationships, money, your health, a mixture?

Have you had enough of going through the motions of life?

Have you reached the point where you're disinterested, drained/exhausted, and mainly tired?

Are you keeping up the facade, chasing the life you've created, and becoming increasingly more unhappy?

How much of your energy are you pouring into being pissed off, while at the same time, showing everyone what a great life you have?

How often are you asking yourself, what will it take to make me, or when will I be happy?

Have you worked out, that you need more of what you used to do, or have, to change the way you feel, and it's not working anymore?

Are you ready to break the destructive, reoccurring patterns?

What stories are you telling yourself?

Is it the - Economy or the Pandemic

I'm not good enough, I must be better.

It's someone else's fault you feel the way you do.

I need more information, then I'll do it.

It's not my fault.

I've got to keep fighting; I'll win in the end.

I'll do anything to be successful.

When everything is how I want it to be, I'll be ok.

What about your coping mechanisms?

Are they still doing the job?

Do you need more, to get the same results?

Do you have coping mechanisms, to deal with the effects of your coping mechanisms?

Are you fed up, and feeling like shit because you're drinking, and getting no quality sleep?

Knackered, because you're over-exercising, and not giving yourself enough time to recover properly?

Are they causing more stress, anxiety, and insomnia, making you unwell, the things you are attempting to get away from?

What score would you give yourself out of 10 - Performance?

Are you happy with the way you perform, on all levels?

Or are you underperforming and know it?

Have you rationalized it, made it your baseline, and become used to performing on this level?

Where do you think you could be, how well could you perform in every area of your life, have you thought about it?

What does success mean to you?

Are you prepared to take responsibility?

Responsibility for yourself, your health, well-being, and your life?

Do you want to become a more productive, happier, healthier, effective parent, partner, leader, who's more successful in life?


Hi! I'm Jason 'Billy' Bishop - in 2014

I Rebuilt Myself and My Life at 40 Years of Age

After Collasping - My Brain and Body Failing - Shutting Down - The Build Up to a Near Death Experience.
Beige Minimalist Aesthetic Moodboard Photo Collage Instagram Post
The photographs clearly illustrate how your outer world is a mirror of your inner world.

Waking up after 3 to 4 Days Unresponsive in an ICU.

You're fortunate to have woken up in a hospital bed,

after a week in an ICU, unresponsive for days,

unable to feed yourself, or walk, being taken to the toilet,

by a nurse pushing your wheelchair,

then waiting outside the door.


This is the worst thing that could have happened.

You've lost complete control of your life, you're helpless.


For many years, you've been stressed, anxious, and angry, unable to relax,

or sleep, drinking, risk taking, spending, excessively, and traveling,

in a failed attempt to cope.


Waking up like this has taken things to another level.

Furious, would never truly do the experience justice.


You are completely pissed at the people, who've put you here, spent years,

pushing your buttons, as they've employed manipulation tactics,

attempting to get what they want in life.


Now, the inevitable has finally happened,

a complete breakdown, exhausted,

in body, brain, and mind,

a broken soul.


Collapsing, and being taken to an ICU almost dead.

Much to everyone's surprise, after incredible care,

and being given multiple pints of blood, because you haven't already died.

You've come out the other side.

You're in a mess, a baby again, at 40 years of age,

and unable to do anything for yourself.


Thankfully, it's the distraction you need, to forget how much

you've hated yourself and your life, for the previous decade.

In some ways, it's a bonus, you're as broken/unwell as you are.


With very little energy available,

you're learning to use it, for more important things.


Unfortunately, not when you're on your own at night,

wide awake in a ward, forced to listen to the ambient noise of hospitals, for weeks.


Or, in the daytime, as most of the other occupants,

are regrettably, wheeled out dead.

Your desperation to be at home is now increasing, exponentially.


It was a mixed bag, a hazy time, strange in many ways.

Out of it one minute, next, clarity and insight.


As you're getting stronger,

more able to concentrate, think straight,

something you've not been capable of doing,

in a very long time.


It hits you - a Eureka Moment  - you didn't see coming.


There were people in your life, who'd let you down,

blamed, controlled, and manipulated,

so they could get what they wanted.


Others, who hadn't been there when you needed them.


Clearly you'd experienced great feelings of loss, negative experiences.


But - and it's a very BIG BUT...


You were also involved and in many ways,

doing the same things, and just like them,

you didn't communicate, take responsibility for yourself,

or your thinking and actions - you all chose to blame.


After 7 weeks of being



I understood what needed to be done,

and was eager to get on with it,

to stop wasting more time.


Finally - The psychiatrist agreed to release me from

what had become my "prison",

the hotel, as my friends called it.


On the proviso, after talking with me, my father and my good friend, who's just told her.

If he isn't crazy now, he soon will be, he's climbing the walls, allow him to go home.

return me - ASAP - if my mental state deteriorates further.

She was concerned - saying

"He is a potential danger to himself and others,

I'll discharge him into your care if you promise to return him.


At this point, I was ECSTATIC

then, almost failed the final test.

Falling over, in the Shower I must take

before they'd allow me to leave - this was a DISASTER.


I'd already had one, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual breakdown

I couldn't face another one.


The thought of having to stay horrified me,

this I would not allow to happen,

thankfully I pulled myself together,

convinced them I was strong enough, and to let me go home.


I left the hospital unable to walk unaided, with a host of internal damage (Gastrointestinal),

potential brain damage, and an almost complete loss of muscle mass, as weak as a kitten.


Most of the medical issues I had, healed themselves, since changing my identity and life

and becoming healthy within my personality, something Dr. Joe Dispenza will often discuss,

just one remains, which hasn't prevented me from doing anything I've decided I was going to do.


This is important, you'll not know what you are capable of, what you can achieve,

how far you'd like to take your unique experience, journey of growth, evolution,

or who you have the potential to become until you've decided you want more in life.


I've healed on all levels, live with awareness, and have become a conscious leader in my life

because I took the opportunity, I was  fortunate to have, along with accepting responsibility

for myself and my life,


Everything I did as I moved forward, had the intention of resolving all the issues that had been

holding me back, reintegrating, becoming holistically healthy, and living consciously on my terms.


I did this, using the methods I'm discussing on this page, you can do the same.


I've changed my self-concept and perceptions

along with the emotional charge associated

with the experiences I'd had in life,

that negatively impacted it.


I've rebuilt myself almost completely, because I'd not changed before,

resolved my undealt with, underlying issues, and created a new life.


I've found contentment, and love who, and where I am right now,

intending to continue evolving, growing, experiencing, and enjoying life.

Which has benefited everyone, and everything I care about.


The question is - What are you going to do

when you're faced with what seems to be overwhelming odds, whatever that means to you.


At the same time knowing, that the person you are currently

isn't taking you, to where you want to be in life.


Do YOU choose, to continue

blaming, distracting, numbing, and feeling sorry for yourself?

Or create the necessary changes in yourself, which allow you

to become the leader who lives the life you want, on your terms?


A limitless life, that has no requirement for coping mechanisms, whatever they might be,

room for chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, anger, hate, or insecurities.



Body - Brain - Mind - Spirit - Working Together


Dr. Joe Dispenza - Advanced Week Long Retreat - London 2022.


I found my purpose, in 2017 as I was reconstructing myself and my life, this is when I decided to see my first coach/teacher, who'd I'd known for many years.

He taught me how to coach others, to help them move forward in life, a much-needed real-life experience, from a well-known and respected coach.

In 2019, I attended my first workshop, in Edinburgh, with Dr Joe Dispenza, held over 3-days.

I did this, to deepen my intellectual understanding of Neuroscience, Neurology, Epigenetics, Energy, Energy Centers, Meditation, Oneness, Possibilities, and The Universe - Unified/Quantum Field.

By now, I'd successfully changed my identity and life. I wanted to understand the process, science and spirituality behind change, so I could pass on what I'd learned experientially, to help others change their lives, more quickly.

Deeply Distressing or Disturbing Experiences

Examples of How Your Life Gets Programmed.

I spent 35 years of my life, feeling uncomfortable in some way.

Your Experience of LIfe will be Different to Everyone Elses's, Unique, as You are

The Aim of Sharing Experiences, is so that You Might Relate to them.

You Can Overcome Anything, that's Holding You Back from Enjoying Your Experience of LIfe.

Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Anger, Hate, Insecurities and Coping Mechanisms.

When You Use the "Tools" You were Born with Together, as a Whole.

Becoming Holistically Fit and Healthy Allows YOU to Change Your Perception of Yourself and Life.

I'd Spent the Majority of My Life Believing I Must Be Someone Else, to Be Successful, and Accepted.

Placing My IDENTITY before MY Health, Real Success, and Fulfillment.


My main coping mechanisms throughout my teens, were exercise, being fitter than you, and playing sports/music.

Alcohol came later, they were all a part of the acceptance and enjoyment of fitting in with friends and the team.

They also helped me deal with life.

I was uncomfortable when people watched, could never live up to my expectations,

hated being, feeling judged, or losing, and didn't enjoy others being fitter, or stronger than me.

I'd learned early in life, how to control myself, and the environment, using charm, smiles, arrogance, and connections.

I enjoyed having genuine friends perceived to be in "high places".

This is how I'd deal with life until it failed miserably.


When I lost sports and music (activities I loved) in my late teens,

through personality clashes, my healthy coping mechanisms were gone,

Along with my fitness and healthy ways of expressing myself.

Chasing pleasure, being somebody, collecting trophies, and feeling validated by others became my priorities.

I'd never have imagined at 16, I'd be - Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually - Fit and Healthy, at 50.

It isn't about the event that happened in your life,

maybe more than one, but your subjective experience.

This means that what might have been traumatic,

or negatively impactful in one person's life,

wouldn't necessarily have had the same impact on someone else's life.


It's important to understand that you react or respond to your perception of the event(s).

This would have influenced how you reacted emotionally, physically, and psychologically.


You've had experiences in life, that were beyond your control,

you must have compassion for yourself, become less judgemental.


While you also take responsibilty for yourself and your life, resolve the issues they've caused,

and will continue to cause, until you've become aware of them and done this.

From a very young age, I wasn't comfortable feeling like I was being controlled,

I'd do anything not to be controlled, instead attempt to control,

and would often express my displeasure when this happened.


In recent years my mother said while we reflected on and discussed life, as it was, and now is,

" You were a little 'Bastard' " obviously meaning difficult at times.


Without an analytical mind at this age, you are unable to question what a person

in authority in your  life is telling you, you'll simply accept it as being true,

then integrate this into your subconscious program and way of living your life.


I was inadvertantly being taught by my family, that to express myself,

my feelings, emotions and thoughts, wasn't acceptable, if I was to fit in.


At 5 years of age, while visiting my grandparents in the village we'd moved away from,

a girl I knew told me, you don't belong here, worsening my problems.

I didn't believe/feel like, I belonged with the friends who'd been in nursery/kindergarten together,

known each other all their lives, or where we now live.


Where did I belong - Anywhere?


During this stage of our lives, we cannot question, or make sense of things,

we are in theta brain waves (hypnosis) watching and listening, feeling, creating our belief systems,

that are being given to us without our acceptance, and don't question them as adults.


Changing schools, and making new friends again, at 11 years old,

wasn't an experience I was looking forward to, and this time it would be different.


I'd not be a victim, or look like one, so I pulled back my shoulders, pushed my chest out,

put on my mask, and proceeded to hide my true feelings, and self, even further.


My mask was abruptly taken away from me when I was lying helpless in my hospital bed (2014)

I'd never felt so weak, vulnerable, and at the same time, extremely unwell, and pissed off.


It was ridiculous, and something I'd not anticipated, how had this happened?

I decided to change my identity and life, I couldn't be that guy any longer.


As many of us do, I had an abundance of coping mechanisms and friends.

Fighting life, my emotions, feelings, and thoughts, had become the norm, at an early age.


Controlling myself and the external environment, was the way forward,

don't show weakness, be successful, be a winner is good.


Major issues developed when healthy emotional release was critical - I didn't know how.

I'd learned how to stack - not share.


Romantic relationships suffered, I found it difficult to commit, and trust.

They also always came with a need to control, and there are two people in a relationship

Anyone who didn't communicate with me - I had major issues with.

Break my trust - let me down - I'd never trust you again.


I've understood for many years, why, I didn't ever have healthy relationships,

if of course, they ever truly were relationships.


Controlling me - was out of the question - impossible.

If you wronged me - I'd be sure to repay your compliment - I couldn't, wouldn't let it go.

I'd find innovative ways of fighting you - it didn't have to be head-on.


It would be ridiculous to suggest I didn't care about other people, some deeply,

or that every relationship in my life was unhealthy, there weren't many friends,

people, I trusted deeply enough to share my innermost feelings.


Once I'd felt betrayed, let down by mostly all of them, when there was no one left,

there was only one person I could rely on, which made everything incredibly difficult.


Unfortunately, when you've reached this point, you'll attract others vibrating on

a similar level of energy, begin to complain about your life, do nothing constructive,

find it extremely difficult to break the energetic bonds.


This leads to you and your life disintegrating further until you say - STOP!


Losing my grandfather at 14 years of age, in an instant, had changed me and my life.

From the moment I was told, he was gone, everything was different, far worse than it was before.


It wasn't simply that I'd lost him, it was the way it had happened,

the choices I'd made - the anger, grief, guilt, and shame they caused,

that I'd lived with for over 25 years.


My life had been - DERAILED - it wasn't going according to plan

it became increasingly more difficult to deal with on every level healthily.


There were multiple car accidents/crashes, the first at 16, under age,

and without permission in my mother's car, losing control on black ice and hitting a lamp post,

a write-off - my friends were able to get out of the 2 door vehicle,

without pulling the seat forward, the car was bent in half.


One friend was stuck in the passenger seat, a high-voltage cable sparking not far from the car,

fortunately, we all walked away from a serious accident.


The following day, while retrieving belongings,

I could hardly fit myself behind the steering wheel which had no Airbag.


The next big accident, losing control of a company car I again shouldn't have been driving,

on fallen wet leaves in heavy rain, hitting a wall going backward, and rolling it,

as everything like the first time, slowed down and turned blue,

this time, it was on its roof, as my friends and I

were taken to the hospital by ambulance for checks.


In the A&E Department, I witnessed my then-girlfriend walking out in a neck collar,

with her already disapproving father, glaring at me, I thought and said,

I think he's going to "kill me",

to which my friend's sister replied - are you surprised, do you blame him.



The issue I now had, where I'd always felt uncomfortable around him,

I also believed he'd attempt to resolve his problem in any way possible,

I wouldn't feel relaxed being anywhere near him, for many years.


It didn't stop with her family, I couldn't truly relax in the company of the

others involved families, either, embarrassment, guilt, shame, more stress, and anxiety.


This didn't end, until I'd resolved my issues, as I raised my levels of understanding,

and changed the emotional charge associated with the experiences.


Neither, of these, or the other accidents, involved the consumption of alcohol.

Much to the disappointment of many it would seem,

who believed I shouldn't have been cautioned by the police,

but sent into detention.


I could easily have and almost did kill my friends on two occasions,

something I didn't discuss, but lived with the consequences of doing.


One thing everyone seemed to forget, I almost killed myself, twice before the age of 20.


At 14 years of age, my outlook on life had completely changed, along with my behavior,

I'd been introduced to life's not fair, a massive sense of loss,

which then became a pattern,

and something I'd fight not to experience again,

"oddly" this didn't work out as planned.


What you must understand, the experiences you've had in life,

change your brain and body, nervous system.


There were too many accidents to write about, clearly, I was angry, distracted, stressed,

chasing a high, when driving, and all you hear is.


We all were at that age, or, at that time we didn't understand,

where there is some accuracy in these statements,

it's also a mechanism for others to not get involved, engage, or attempt to understand

they are cliches, your job is to raise your levels of awareness, and understanding.


You cannot allow such comments to make you feel judged, or rather,

judge yourself, for the experiences in life you had, that negatively impacted your life,

on a particular level of understanding at that time in your life...


You must move forward, and change the emotional charge associated with the experiences.


In my teens particularly, I was screaming for help and wasn't being listened to,

all I got was, the conditioned reaction, it's the alcohol he's drinking.


Living with the aftermath for decades, anxious, stressed, embarrassed, uncomfortable, angry,

and unable to sleep at night, which leads to poor performance, is dangerous and exhausting.


Meeting, and going into business with my partners, turned everything up a few notches,

and would soon become a battle, which lasted for over 20 years.


To break the pattern, the near-constant stress of being in our office,

I'd make myself scarce whenever possible and move into one of our other offices,

keep busy, talk to our clients, and get on with the work I enjoy, or distract myself (Google)

then be sure to meet my friends, usually in my comfort zone, for a drink at lunchtime.


Going to the pub, I understood would annoy my business partners,

because I knew as much as they tried, they couldn't stop me.


If I knew I was going to particular customer sites, who wouldn't have accepted

the smell of alcohol on my breath, I'd not go for a drink.


As I was rebuilding myself, and my life, I visited our office on a few occasions,

one of the main reasons was to set boundaries, without saying anything,

by showing them the updated version of myself, fit, healthy, nonreactive,

there I witnessed similar controlling behavior, now though, it wasn't aimed at me.


The results you witness from becoming the person you've talked about and wanted to be,

for too long, are astounding, and others can't fail to take notice, their response changes.


The amount of conflict I'd experienced throughout my life, in reflection,

was ludicrous, a constant stress/trauma.


Hypervigilance, control, loss of trust, exhaustion, drinking, unhealthy lifestyle,

complete breakdown.


As was, the amount of loss I'd felt, been unable to deal with, or let go of.


Somewhere along the line, I'd also learned, that being a winner, to be successful,

was a good thing.


There is nothing inherently wrong with this, I took it to the extreme,

as was usually the case.


Unfortunately, I'd made being a winner, a BIG PART of my self-worth.


I'd always understood, that I had leadership qualities inside me,

but I didn't know how to express or use them.


This drew me toward others, exhibiting something similar, and also caused conflict in my life.

When I felt threatened, I was often in the company of others who also felt threatened.


There are leadership qualities, and knowing how to use them leading, many,

haven't developed the skills needed.


To be a successful leader, you must first accept you are the constant in your life,

creating your own experience, reacting to your body and thoughts.

Learn to understand yourself, and become the conscious leader in your life.


I lacked awareness and understanding, I chose to do what it took, so I would not lose.

To be a winner at all costs, almost killed me at 40.


Similar ACEs, Negative Life Experiences, and Trauma will affect individuals differently and uniquely.

It isn't the experience itself, it's how it negatively impacts your brain and nervous system.


Unhealthy with the Potential to be a Leader

Instead - Underperforming, Doing What's Necessary

Living in Survival - Chronically Stressed - Anxiety -Depression - Insomnia - Angry - Hating - Drinking - Hardly Eating -  Falling Apart.


Unfulfilled and Disintegrating

Low Energy - Vibration - Hating Myself and Life.

My Business and Lifestyle was Obviously a Big Part of My Identity.

Sitting in my leather office chair, car seat, or on my bar stool,

with a poor self-concept, lacking exercise, nutrition, and sleep,

accompanied by alcohol, and the effects of stress, being almost constantly

pumped through my system for years,

casused carnage and almost  destroyed me.

When we started our business, I was 19 years of age.

My business partners were older, with commitments, and families.


They had different ideas on how we should all be living our lives.


Quickly deciding, they didn't like how I was living mine

and attempted to stop me.


Using tactics of control, and manipulation, they'd do and say anything to achieve this.

Already, there were "forgotten" conversations and agreements.


I could see what they were doing, feel it, and decided I'd fight them,

there would be no way I'd bow down to them, or later,

allow them to force me out of my business,

the lifestyle it offered, and the future I imagined.


I believed they wanted me, to be more like them, or to be in a similar position.

Less of the nice things, freedom, and enjoyment of life, more commitments.


They made it quite clear, with their attitude toward the company cars I drove,

being restricted, in what they could drive, by their responsibilities to their families.


There's no denying, that my friends and I were having a huge party,

I've not once said otherwise, we were drinking, in bars, clubs,

different countries on tours, sporting events, anywhere,

we'd not miss any opportunity to have an amazing time, whenever we could,

wherever we could, plus, we were far younger, without ties.


They, or nobody else, would not stop me from living my life,

the way I wanted to, if anyone attempted to stop me

I'd be sure to do what I wanted, often to my detriment.


If the clients had regularly objected, and complained,

I was letting them down, unable to do the job,

which they didn't.

It might have been different.


I've not made excuses for myself, or my life in years,

the party should have stopped before it became a complete nightmare,

the lifestyle I was living, was crazy and unsustainable.


It would also have offered me an opportunity to resolve the issues I had in life,

if I'd accepted, or understood, I had them, of course.


At that time it seemed normal, and natural, it allowed me to feel good most of the time,

and now, I understand it.


Their collaboration was based on control, envy, fear, and jealousy,

shares in the business, and what it might mean to them if they didn't attempt to control the situation.


This is the basis for any power-related struggle at work, or in life, and I'm playing into their hands.


Things in our business ran far more smoothly when our clients called the office

to confirm what I'd suggested, was viable, making others feel important, special, valued.


When they started calling and asking for advice from me in my twenties,

without the confirmation of others, all hell broke loose,

and the focus of others within our business changed.


In time, comments like, there's no money in what he's doing,

and what have you done today, were regular.


When you hear this regularly it's going to have an impact on the way you feel,

or if you think about it, reinforce how you truly feel about yourself.


I'm not a fan of labels, we seem to have one for every occasion,

narcissist, and gaslighting, however, would be appropriate in this instance.


Narcissism can be accurately described as a defense mechanism, it involves an excessive

focus on oneself, a grandiose sense of self-importance, and a lack of empathy for others.

Often, it serves to protect the individual from underlying feelings of insecurity or inadequacy.


Understanding, that each of us can display unhealthy behaviors and narcissistic tendencies

of our own, allows us to look at things differently.


This isn't however condoning the behavior of people who take it to the extreme,

they'll understand what they're doing, won't care, or have empathy.


It helps you create healthy boundaries, as you're raising your levels of self-awareness.


If you are questioning your behavior, changing your life, and have empathy for others,

you were doing your best at the time, with the tools available, it's different.


Our office was filled with ego, control, manipulation, a perceived pecking order, judgment,

mostly but not always unconscious thoughts, and behaviors,


We clearly understood what we were doing, and it wasn't for the greater good.


In recent years, one of my now ex-business partners said to me.


"You were broken before I'd first met you" and

"I didn't like what you were doing" after I'd told him,

what the pair of you were doing for 20 years, at least bordered on being illegal.


The difference now of course, I'm able to smile, laugh, at the converstion.


Life was already difficult enough to deal with, all my relationships had or were falling apart.

This was bullshit, and I wasn't putting up with it,

then proceeded to do the opposite by not saying anything constructive, or calling them out.


I understood the game, the line you do not cross, and I didn't have enough shares or power.


if I'd rocked the boat any further, they might have gotten what they wanted - rid of me.


At 30 years old, the party ended abruptly, after yet another setback,

during a graduated return to work,

one of them was openly discussing my health in an office full of customers,

and the others said nothing about it.


This should have been discussed behind closed doors,

professionally, but once again, it was - "I want you back at the office"

There is no I in TEAM, something he often "forgot".


My levels of stress, anxiety, anger, and hate, now went through the roof,

I couldn't believe the audacity.

I also never thought, I'd have felt let down by my family, that they'd turn their backs on me.

They were supporting others, and the business, over me.

As everyone blamed alcohol and my lifestyle.

This was almost unbearable to deal with, my life deteriorated, rapidly.


Coping mechanisms, I'd adopted early and easily,

I don't recall not having any, in one form or another.

Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Insecurities, and Anger, had always played a major role in my life,

which eventually became impossible to deal with, using any means.


Nothing could take me (alcohol, cars, clothes, environment, money or trophies)

to where I wanted to be any longer, make me feel good about myself,

or help me cope with life.


Which meant - There was No Escape.

Now came the deeper and darker thoughts.

How am I going to resolve what they were doing?

This ended in burn-out - exhaustion,  a decade of depression, shutdown, passive suicidal ideation, a near-death experience, an almost complete loss of muscle mass, and potential brain damage.


Plus other internal issues, which have healed without medication, after I'd successfully changed.


The many mechanisms I'd adopted - alcohol, cars, career, clothes, comfort zones, traveling, had let me down, made everything far worse, and helped me destroy everything good in my life.

Understanding things as I now do

I'd been


for many years

Predominantly Run by My Emotional Brain

Reactive to the External Environment.


The issue with living in survival, being chronically stressed and anxious,


The Sympathetic Branch of Your Autonomic Nervous System, responsible for Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn, Triggered by Perceived Threats becomes Dominant.

You'll Live with an Increased Heart Rate, Elevated Blood Pressure, and Heightened Alertness.

You'll be Almost Constantly Primed to Fight or Flee from the Threat.

The Hormones of Stress are Pumped Through Your System,

Adrenaline (Epinephrine), and Cortisol, which cause health issues/problems

over prolonged periods, the stress response should be adaptive.


Your Brain Lacks Coherence.

It doesn't function as a whole, which means, you lack coherence,

don't function as a whole, and find it increasingly difficult, then almost impossible

to make constructive choices, and more difficult to deal with your life.


The tendency now is to use our dependable coping mechanisms,

which are causing more harm than good.


Going to our office, and being confronted by the same manipulation for twenty years,

"choosing" to stay and fight, was a traumatic experience, my system could never relax,

find calmness, the only way I could find solace was in my comfort zone.

Importantly, with people I enjoyed being with, and where my body felt safe.


Again - This photograph illustrates how



both myself and my external environment are uncared for.


This was a long and painful period in my life

I could have chosen to change at any time - if I'd understood it, and known how.



Raising my Levels of Energy - Vibration - Consciousness

In my Hospital Bed (2014) - I Created a Vision of the Person I Must Become

I  have a strong connection with nature again - it'd been missing since my childhood.

in Order for Me to Get What I Want Out of LIfe

Changing on The Level of Identity.

I understood if I wanted to gain control of my business, which was still my primary concern.

Then I must become, the most highly functioning version of myself, or it wouldn't be possible.


Things didn't immediately change because of the situation I found myself in,

my purpose for over a decade had been to gain control of my business

and hang onto my IDENTITY.


Changing your IDENTITY and Life, becoming Holistically Fit and Healthy is a Process,

rush it by jumping the necessary steps, and you'll likely regret it.


Being in a hospital bed, when I was creating a mental blueprint, of who I would become.


Meant, I'd not read, listened to, or watched personal development content.

Which at that time, I believe would certainly have led to confusion,

not the focus and structure required, to take the action I did

being driven by the energy, I'd previously been using to destroy myself, and my life.


Having decided, the direction in which I was heading,

the way I'd been primarily dealing with life, drinking alcohol, was already a thing of the past,

the others, I'd address as I moved forward, comfort zones - excessive spending, etc


Version2 - wouldn't live with chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, anger, insecurity, or hate issues

coping mechanisms would be replaced with healthy relationships and a love for life.


I'd not count the days since I did something I no longer wanted to do.

Instead, I'd count the days until I hit my first goal, then move on to the next one.


Everything I chose to do after leaving the hospital, would now have an intention behind it,

there would be a tangible result from the energy and focus I'd invested into it,

be it the result I wanted, or not.


I'd decided to move into creation, to be the driver of change, moving

towards the person I was to become, not away from the person I used to be.


Creating from the present moment, dealing with obstacles as they arise.


Here, there is no chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, or a need for coping mechanisms.

Attempting to control, and fight life, being ridiculously competitive about everything,

I would make a thing of the past, I learned to surrender, which doesn't mean giving up.

Santander (Spain) - Lisbon (Portugal) 2022 Border Crossing

In 2017 I cycled 12,5000 miles - 20115 kilometers, a friend said, not everyone is like you.

I believe he didn't understand or was missing the point, of what I was doing while cycling.

You and I are Unique - we function as human beings however in the same way.

Body, Brain, Mind, Spirit - Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.

It was never all about cycling, I've not made it a part of my IDENTITY, I participate in many other activities.

Nothing I do, or have, is who I AM.

Being Highly Self Conscious and Critical - I'd Said on Many Occasions - You'll Never See Me Cycling in Lycra.

Cycling, in particular, has offered me many challenges and opportunities, to grow, and see the world.

Lowering your brain activity, waves allows access to the subconscious mind, where the magic happens.

Finding calmness in your body, and peace in your mind, as you gain physical fitness, change your perception of yourself, life, and uncover your true self.


Sensible Spirituality

Spirituality Doesn't Come with a Rule Book.

Create Healthy Relationships and Enjoy The Experience of Life.

St Tropez -  Enjoying the Spiritual and Material
I Love the Nicer Things in Life - Trips away - Bikes and Cars.
SportsCars in the Alps
I'm Fortunate and Grateful for Friends who Wish to Share, Allowing Me to Enhance My Experience of Life - Sports Cars in The Alps


Spirituality is a broad concept encompassing  a sense of connection

with something bigger/greater than oneself.

This might be the Universe, Nature, a Higher Power, Inner Wisdom, Higher Self,

God Consciousness, it's Your Choice.

I didn't understand what Spirituality, or BEING SPIRITUAL, was previously,

If I'd heard someone say, I'm  Spiritual, like many, I'd have said, I'm not Religious.


Often it'll involve finding purpose and seeking meaning, to begin with, it certainly did in my case,

it's clear, that previously, I was spiritually "broken", I'd lost the connection with my true self,

with everything.


My purpose for years had been to earn money, drive a great car,

collect trophies, and not lose my business.

While looking as successful as possible, getting through life,

attempting to maintain being someone.


Which became increasingly difficult to do, as I moved further away from my true nature,

and from living in alignment with my values.


I lost pretty much everything I'd ever deeply cared about, wasn't enjoying anything (Anhedonia)

I'd moved so far away from who I am, and desperately wanted to be,

I had no idea who I was, as things worsened, life became almost unbearable.




Life had lost meaning, as it, and I collapsed,

along with almost all the relationships, I'd had left in it.


For many years, I'd felt all alone,

with nobody who understood or was prepared to listen,

without making it about themselves or judging me.


Anyone who's been here understands what I'm talking about, and often,

it's not what we show others.


I don't remember the near-death experience, no angels, dead relatives, tunnels, or lights,

nobody, was there telling me everything would work out.

It didn't lead to an immediate awakening, a love of life,

or for the people whom I still believed,

had let me down badly for years.


In 2014, I intended to get myself physically fit and healthy,

this was my priority, but also emotionally, and mentally,

to find something that had been missing, a deeper connection (Spiritual).


Finding what works for me, not what some book, or YouTube content,

tells me what that should be.


I found it and began to understand and live it.

The point is of course, so can YOU!


Awareness, Reflection, Possibilities

Nassim Haramein
Quantum Physicist - Nassim Haramein
TCCHE Conference London 2019

Reflecting on Life.

After Years of Fighting and Being Unhealthy on Every Level, I'd Finally Worked Out.

I'd Been Placing My Business and Identity.

Who I Needed to Be to Feel Accepted.

Before My Happiness - Health and Fulfillment in Life.


I'd been pouring vast amounts of energy into being stressed, anxious, angry, insecure,

overly competative, and needing to win, to be seen as successful.


The lifestyle I'd been leading, which in the beginning was highly enjoyable,

had led to years of depression, self-loathing, hate, passive suicidal ideation,

then a visit to the ICU and a Near Death Experience.


Using this energy constructively, helped me crawl out of the deep,

dark hole I'd dug for myself, build a new me, and an amazing life.

We and The Business Suffered

On reflection, it's obvious, our business suffered hugely due to our inability to communicate.

It applies to family, and romantic relationships also, importantly, there is always

more than one person in any relationship, you cannot take responsibility for their happiness.


If you are the constant in your life, who's attracting unhealthy relationships into it?


As colleagues, and directors, of our own business.

we lacked awareness on many levels, a deep understanding of ourselves,

and emotional intelligence.


Our Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual wellness, was unbalanced, we were all unhealthy.

Something, however, our clients rarely witnessed,

the professional company facade, a united front,

would see to it.


All our lives were negatively impacted, as we fought each other for control,

we all failed to see this, or more likely didn't care.

Investing energy that could have been better used, to collaborate and create,

to blame, manipulate, and destroy.


It had gotten out of control, and been elevated to ridiculous levels.


There was a distinct lack of concern, for each other's emotional and mental well-being,

and health in general, when in theory this should have been a priority.


It's impossible, when you aren't at your best, in control of yourself.

To leave the issues you have with work - at your place of work.

This will negatively impact all the other relationships in your life.


Clearly - this works in reverse.


Not only that, epigenetics says - your health will suffer.


Having no way of dealing with stress, and an ability to self-regulate.

The neurochemicals/hormones of stress will flood your body for prolonged periods.

Your system isn't designed for this, it can only end in disease.


Finding balance, calmness in your body, and a predominantly peaceful mind

is crucial in preventing serious damage,

or healing from any damage

that might already have been caused.


You Cannot, not, Communicate.

To communicate effectively, you must understand yourself,

raising your levels of awareness allows you to understand others.


Quantum physics says, there are endless possibilities in the field,

my body and brain healing without medication, for instance,

and finding fulfilment in an incredible life, I love living.


Where do you intend to continue placing your focus and energy?


By 2017, I'd invested considerable time into raising my energy, vibration, self-awareness,

and consciousness, as I was regaining my health and fitness, enjoying life.


Living with awareness, was the new way of living.


I decided I'd not return to the business, instead, I'd continue cycling, challenging myself,

laughing, and resolving any remaining underlying issues,

that might, or probably would be made conscious.


It was my understanding, that nobody in the business

could force me to return to work, until my medical team,

doctors, and specialists agreed, and had signed me off.


I also believed, after the way my business partners had acted

over the last 20 years, it would be only fair, that they and the

buisness sponsered me as I rebuilt myself and my life.


I agreed to sell the business in late 2019, declaring, I didn't want the shares

I was entitled to, and been fighting over for 20 years.


Rebuilding relationships with myself, my loved ones,

and important old friendships while building new ones.


Meant, I loved the experience of life, more than I can remember, certainly as an adult.

I'd found my purpose and stopped fighting myself, others, and life.


Chronic stress, anxiety, anger, hate, insecurities, depression,

and coping mechanisms were no longer a part of my life,


they'd been replaced with appreciation, gratitude, true connections, contentment, and love.


I've been fit and healthy, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, for many years,

something I've never previously been.


I hate nobody, ex-partners, the people I believed had let me down, my ex-business partners,

or old enemies, people I'd physically fought with, or had bullied me when I was younger.


Importantly, I don't hate myself, judge, or compare.


Life is about authenticity, doing what I love, enjoying experiences,

BEING, calmness, peace, and fulfillment.


Validation from others while appreciated, isn't required.


It's amazing to be in the company of people, who used to make you tense, on edge,

uncomfortable, and feel calm, not guarded, capable of being open, and honest,

with a deeper understanding of where they might be in their lives.


Evolution - Growth - Improvement - Not - Endless Personal Development.

To change your life, you must move away from a Victim Mindset.

Life is happening to me - fighting everything, why is this happening to me, again?

An empowered mindset is crucial to moving forward,

toward the vision of the person who lives the life you want, holistically fit and healthy.

This is living - By Me - you're making things happen, the driving force.

If left unchecked this can become exhausting, where does it end?

Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Depression, along with your coping mechanisms.

Were your previous road to burnout, shut down, and suffering, isn't there a better way?

As you raise your levels of awareness, self-awareness, and consciousness.

Your outlook on life changes,

and you are more able to decide exactly what you want,

and the deeper reasons behind it.

It's development on your terms, without the negative side effects.

What would your life look like if you made your health and fitness your number one priority?






Would it allow you to live your life

on your terms,

while everyone,

and everything you care about,

benefits from your new approach?

DT's Walking on RB

There is a leader inside each of us, unfortunately,

many aren't truly expressing it, when they believe they are.

Isn't it time to


To perform at your best on all levels of your life, you must have

Emotional - Mental - Physical, and Spiritual well-being.

Simply put

 Holistic Health

The World Needs More Leaders

Living with Awareness - Healthy - Integrated

Better Able to Lead - Yourself and Others

Who Possess Self-Awareness, Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses,

Motivations, Emotions - Accept, Allow, Develop, Process, Let Go.

This Allowing You to Perform on a much Higher Level.

Have a Growth not a Fixed Mindset - Be Open to New Information

Expansion - moving away from Contraction, or Stagnation.

Raising Your Levels of Energy, Consciousness, Live with Awareness.

Are a Role Model to those, they care about and lead.

Communicate Effectively, with your Partner, Spouse,

Children, Colleagues at Work, and the People You Employ

Influence Others by being More Persuasive, not Controlling.

Empower Others, Create an Environment where the People

around You, have Autonomy, Feel Motivated, and Take Ownership.

Inspire and Motivate.

Live with Courage and Integrity, Cultivate Trust,

Respect, and Authenticity in Your Relationships.

Vision and Purpose, add Direction and Meaning to

what You're Doing with Your Life.

Reaching their Potential, Maximize Your Talents, Skills,

and Abilities, Leading to Greater Levels of Success

and More Importantly - Your Fulfillment in Life.

Have the Intention Never to Stop Evolving.



To Do This - You Must

Build a Solid Foundation.

Emotional - Mental - Physical and Spiritual

Holistic Well-Being.

45 minute discovery and planning call before you begin.

Interested - want to know more?

Join the challenge, you'll then be invited into the group.


You'll now be able to book your 45-minute discovery call to discuss your current situation

and set your intentions, for the challenge - where you'd like to be?


This is when things get real, it's time to get real with yourself and make constructive

decisions about the new direction your life is going to take, this is life-changing.


Without understanding where you are, and where you want to be,

creating a vision of the life you want to live, without self-imposed limitations

and who you must become to live it, you'll never get there.


Together, we can create a vision of the life you want, and what you must do personally,

to live it, this is where a discussion is powerful, and you gain insight.


Once this process has started, it's virtually impossible to prevent change,

evolution, growth, in yourself and your life.


The discovery call is the catalyst you need to move forward,

and make it enjoyable and sustainable.


Having this discussion and then implementing it, will change your life.

Critically, you'll be in the driving seat, moving towards, not away from something.


It's far easier to have it before it becomes critical, or you have your on-your-knees experience.


The longer you leave it before taking the reigns in your life, become the conscious leader of it,

the more work you'll have to do, isn't it better you do this sooner, rather than later.


Doing this alone takes considerably more effort and time.


The group will contain all the content,

it'll also offer you an opportunity to engage with and get to know and encourage each other.

To share your intentions, experiences, and progress.


Accountability is crucial, as is full participation to move forward in life.

We'll discuss your blocks and intentions - the conscious and subconscious mind.

How your beliefs hold you back in life - living consciously and unconsciously.

The repressed/suppressed energy being held in your body.


Most of your life issues stem from how you deeply feel about yourself.

To overcome them, and live the life you want - you must change your self-concept

Change the way you think, act, and feel, as you begin to live in alignment with your values,

not the beliefs and values, that were given to you, without your knowledge, or agreement.

Sept 2016 - Summit of Mont Ventoux - Ascent 21.4km - 1612 meters (13.29 miles - 5288ft)
Cycling from Barcelona - Monaco (Raising Money for Charity).
Ventoux Summit Website
April 2014 - Almost Dead in an ICU - Unresponsive for Days - Body Shutting Down - Unable to Walk.
Change in Mindset - Body - Brain - MInd - Spirit Working Together - Healing - Creating a Completely Different LIfe.
Having been physically fit and active when I was younger, I understood everything is connected.
I adapted and used this information to become holistically fit and healthy, ultimately to create the life I wanted.
You're able to impliment the same processes to create the life you want to live.

Autonomic Nervous System - Rewiring Your Brain - Regulating Your Nervous System

Conditioning Your Body to a New Mind - Neuroplasticity, Neurobiology, Neurology, Epigenetics

Nutrition - Hydration - Sleep - Exercise - Neurochemicals and Transmitters - Peak Performance.


I want YOU to become Self Sufficient

to Live Your LIfe on Your Terms with Awareness - The Conscious Creator.

Be the best version of yourself. I hope this site inspires you to make a change.

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